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🇨🇾 🇷🇺 Cyprus 'golden passports' bring Russians into the EU l Al Jazeera English

The EU has warned that the “golden passports” being given by Cyprus to wealthy Russian oligarchs will allow organised crime to infiltrate the bloc.
Even some established Russian businessmen on the island are concerned, worrying that the new oligarchs do not live in Cyprus and the properties that they are purchasing will become a ghost town.
Pressure from the European Commission may bring an end to the “golden passports”, but for now, the marina in Limassol is rapidly filling with luxury yachts.
Al Jazeera’s David Chater reports from Limassol.

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  1. Hmmm Malta gave passports to Qatari Royalties and to name a few :
    Mohammed Ahmed J. Al Thani, his wife Hanadi children Jassim, Jude and Layana.
    No issue there I see …………..

    We all know the reason behind these amatuer AJ news is the fact that Cyprus has a pipeline deal with Israel and Greece while the Qataries want a pipeline with Turkey
    Tuff luck but there is nothing illegal about the passports as many EU members are doing this
    I am not rejecting corruption in Cyprus but these low level journalism has hit rick bottom….

  2. Cyprus sold passport to a Bin Laden was the news a few minutes ago Sweden and Al Jazeera exposed it. I would link it but you would not understand so ill just translate it to english. *Cyprus sold passports to bin Laden's relative

    Cyprus has long been criticized for its sale of so-called golden passports, which has meant that citizens in countries outside the EU have been able to buy a Cypriot passport for around 20 million. As Cyprus is an EU country, the passport gives the right to live and travel freely throughout the EU.

    New information is now emerging about who actually bought entry into Europe. Of the at least 2,500 golden passports issued between 2017 and 2019, several have gone to people who could pose security threats, reports Ekot (Swedish national radio broadcaster) in collaboration with al-Jazira and Utrikesmagasinet.

    Among other things, a member of the bin Laden family has bought a passport, states al-Jazira. About a thousand high-ranking Russian citizens, several of them with strong ties to the Kremlin, will also be among the "customers", according to the Qatar-based television company.

    Cyprus' Interior Minister Nicos Nouris defends himself by saying that it all happened in accordance with current regulations, at the same time as he points out that the country has tightened up passport sales.

  3. there are so many rich russians that move and actually invest in the local community it's a pity if it's just a short term money-making scheme, you don't get anything out of it in the long term and when that money goes away it will be hard.

  4. Useless coz Europe will be turned into stone age civilisation with nuclear war. Remember Europe is the battleground and no where to hide from Russian and US nukes

  5. Sanctions have drained 1 trillion $ of Russian GDP Vladimir Putin is 2 feet imbecile having war with Ukraine & bombing children of Syria keep sanctioning these filthy pigs at least till Russia has left 250 billion $ of GDP 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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