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Tour of Cheap Land for Sale in Montenegro

Andrew is back with Anka, the Montenegro “property maestro”, this time for a tour of cheap raw land for sale in Montenegro.

Montenegro has a lot of cheap land for sale, much of it totally inaccessible in the far north of the country. In this video, Andrew and Anka explore land near the city of Niksic, where land for well under $1 per meter could actually have some long-term potential.


Andrew Henderson is the world’s most sought-after consultant on legal offshore tax reduction, investment immigration, and global citizenship. He works exclusively with six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to “go where they’re treated best”.

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Andrew has spent the last 11 years studying and personally implementing the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle, and has started offshore companies, opened offshore bank accounts, obtained multiple second passports, and purchased real estate in a total of 20 countries.

He has also spent years creating a behavior-based system that helps people get the results they want faster and with less resistance. Andrew believes that everyone can use offshore strategies to keep more of their own money, live a life of freedom, and grow their wealth faster.

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  1. Muslims and westen kapitalist buying montenegro , pffff and the president loosing grip and a new law (around the corner) will give back land to the people ,inquiries are starting on these politicians. Nasi stariji nikad nebi prodali nase duhove

  2. I'm torn between owning something in places like this, and more of an old, Eastern Europe Capital city, or second city.. so there is more to walk to and do.. I would probably own two places.. one in a warm climate somewhere all year round, and one in a place like Montenegro

  3. Hi Andrew.
    I think the 75 acres for €40,000 and the 5 Acres for €2,800 maybe interested.
    Highly Intrested.
    May I ask for Anka's contact information.
    Much Thanks.
    Cheers Carlyle

  4. Cheap land in Montenegro is cheap with a good reason. There is no quality property in Montenegro that is cheap. Especially if foreigner and after you buy it you have to pay tax as a non local….

  5. Hello.. I am from Turkiye and I live in Istanbul. I am following your videos for a while. You are doing great job and giving people very important informations about the world. Also Montenegro is a wonderful place. I have not been there but after the pandemic definatelly will be my first issue to visit there. Just I want to know that if you buy a land can you get residency or you have to buy a house and land together? I tried on internet but I could not figure it out. Or is there any limit for example minimum 10 .000 sqm or 20.000 sqm etc.? I like vineyards and I heard too much about it in north Montenegro.İf you give me a small information it would be great…Regards.. Cemal Cinar from Istanbul

  6. I am looking for a small cheap house in the countryside, with a piece of land and a stream of water running through the property or bordering it. It should also be close to the ocean/sea (within 100km distance).

  7. Omg I can’t believe she just mentioned Tito and said these are Tito’s roads I could cry. My grandfather/father owned the machinery that paved the roads in Slovenia and after Mussolini was killed Tito came in and told them you now work for us. We own your machinery. You can either work for us & garner your wages to us or leave with nothing but the clothes on your back. They were extremely wealth and chose to live free in America and started over here with nothing. I hurts beyond measure to know that in one generation we are now seeing communism in the US. These roads were made with my grandfathers stolen machinery 😞

  8. Are land titles there very legal, or murky like in Albania? Even in Italy titles can be dodgy unless it's a new development, but not everyone wants to live in a highly populated or resort area.


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