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The cheap new “European” citizenship?

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  1. I know Georgia has no VISA for a year but does the Government try to get you there just to take what you have built and a good indicator would be cost of residency after that year. What are they for a USA citizen? If you have money people will try to get it and leave you the prodigal son as a fact of life. I do not think anyone should have to pay any government to live and retire with the amounts most get with Social Security. Governments are for the people by the people.Tell the majority of us how to retire better in places like Georgia or Albania and you will get loads of views. If you can tell us for budgeting and you know these costs for a USA citizen? M Name is Robert Holloway.. Retired US Navy. I would love to go into some business but it takes capital. I cant break out of abject poverty in USA on my pension by simply the cost to live in USA. Rholloway5824@gmail.com

  2. Chinese citizenship SUCKS! This is the big reason why the Chinese and Indian are running to Hungary (Backdoor to EU closed 2017) and other eastern European countries to get a cheap EU Passport with all the perks of access to the western European countries!

  3. what's the best eu country to be an entrepreneur and to start a business(tech industry)? in terms of easy to set up, and startup culture (not counting uk because of brexit). im italian, i speak spanish, english and italian…thanks

  4. I mean Armenia is the tiny aggressive country in high mountain plateau between Turkey and Iran. People over there crooked so must be their government too.

  5. Hey thinking like that why don’t you get Kazakhstan passport then. It’s huge country with rich resources and strategically sitting on the gate to Europe from China Belt Road.

  6. Armenia citizenship exites me because I am a EU Portuguese citizen and soon to be British citizen which I'll revise the British passport Armenia exites me because it gives visa free travel to countries that don't give visa free travel to EU countries

  7. Thanks Andrew! I'd be interested in investing $100K+ into an airBNB / Hostel real estate project. I'll be looking out for future information. Curious if any other countries start citizenship programs this year too.

  8. I am guessing that the total cost of the Armenian Citizenship will probably be around $80,000, if you add all the fees involved and required onto the $50,000. It is still not expensive compared to the other programs, but like you said, it is a very limited passport. You dont get visa free access to the first world with it.

  9. Interesting program they have available, but come on, Armenia is not geographically a part of Europe, it is in West Asia, even if it does have strong economic ties with Europe. To be honest I don't think Armenia will be too appealing for Westerners. Like you said, the Chinese will probably be the most interested in this passport.


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