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Savory & Partners Talk Show: A Second Passport from the Caribbean – The Perfect Plan B (Episode 1)

At Savory & Partners, we take great pride in our status as a leading Citizenship and Residency by Investment firm in the MENA region. As such, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need when deciding on which Caribbean citizenship program to apply to. 

As a new addition to the Savory & Partners Web Series, our latest webinar takes on a different style than our previous offerings – think along the lines of an informative talk show – providing a Q&A style discussion on the Caribbean CBI programs. 

The discussion is conducted in both English and Arabic (link below) and will serve to educate prospective investors on the way of life in the Caribbean – from food and education to culture and traditions – as well as cover the benefits these CBI programs have to offer and how they differ from the European Union (EU) programs. 

In this episode our Senior Citizenship Consultant, Imran Mirani discusses about the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Program. 

The discussion will cover the following topics: 

What makes the Caribbean CBI program special? 
Impact of COVID-19 on the Caribbean CBI program. 
How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. 

The final segment of the webinar will focus on some of the most memorable client cases and how the experts at Savory & Partners were able to find suitable solutions for their clients.  

We provide personalised services that are tailor-made to the needs of our clients. If you are interested in knowing about the application process and your relocation options, reach out to us  and one of our skilled agents will happily aid you in your enquiry.


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