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How to Apply for Green Card | Permanent Residence Application

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Hello, in this video you will learn How to Apply for Green Card or in other words, how to apply for permanent residency.

The main website that we will rely on in this video is of course, uscis.gov.

So what is a green card? Green card means that you have a status of lawful permanent resident.

There are many different green card eligibility categories. Make sure to check yours on uscis.gov.

Here is the green card application form, form i 485:

i 485 processing time really depends on which service center you are filing it to and many other factors.

I always get questions like how to get a green card fast. Here is the thing, if someone is promising you to get anything immigration related “fast,” it is probably a scam, because there are no guaranteed processing times, so be careful, always verify information with uscis.gov website.

Another question that I get is how to get a green card through marriage. This video explains the process in general, which applies to any category, whther you are filing through marriage or through asylum status.

Now green card application fee is currently $1140.

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  1. I have a question i am 14 almost 15 and live in the netherlands my questions is that what form do i need to fill in and can i get a greencard straight away or do i first need a visa and can i apply for a visa or greencard from the netherlands?

  2. thank you for the video. i have a question here. My friend is renewing
    his green card, however, he did not receive any notice of fingerprint
    yet after he submitted his renewal documents for a month. here i wonder
    how long it normally takes to get the fingerprint notice right now? is
    there any way to speed up the process? should he call uscis? his office
    is Potomac Service Center in VA. thank you and looking forward to your
    responses! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey, thank you so much for these videos. My initial application was rejected since my I-485 was done on an out of date form. All of the supporting documents now have a stamp with lots of numbers in them on the bottom of each page. Do I need to reprint everything or can I resubmit the pages with the numbers in them?

  4. Hi, I'm marrying an american woman in the next couple of months, but we currently live in Brazil. Can we start the process while in Brazil or do we need to be in the US before starting it? Thanks


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