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How Messi nearly played for Spain until a phone call changed everything! | Oh My Goal

Leo Messi is a living legend on the Argentinian national team and their all-time top scorer but he was very close to playing for Spain! In 2003, the Spanish football federation had its eyes on a young Leo Messi and a simple phone call changed history forever. Learn the incredible story of how Leo Messi ended up choosing Argentina over Spain!


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  1. Stupid fanboy what ifs. Messi is Argentinian e basta! Argentina has a better footballing pedigree than Spain will ever have. Iniesta and Xavi so what two players. Argentina has always had a better footballing history as far as internationals. Spain is a poor man Italy or Germany.

  2. So, pretty much a non story and useless video.. Messi always wanted to play for his home country, Spain obviously tried their luck (as they should) but subsequently failed 🤷🏻‍♂️ meh, thanks, but some funny stories I guess…

  3. Even if he played for Spain and won everything with that team, Ronaldo fans would still discredit his success due to the fact he was born in Argentina, not Spain. So the debate would still be alive.

  4. Props to Jorge Messi for this patriotism anyway. People can say whatever but winning the World Cup is just one of Leo Messi's already awesome collection of accolades. This is for his country, and how many people are lucky enough to win it even when they're a class football player (Insert football greats here). People would love to see Argentina win with Messi in the team, that's all. And these people are not even Argentinians.. That's how Messi is loved by the WORLD.


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