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Europe: Long-Term Travel & Schengen Rules

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In this video I will answer the following questions:
• What is the Schengen Region/Agreement/Visa?
• Who are the Schengen member countries?
• Who is required to have a Schengen Visa?
• What are the rules of the Schengen Agreement?
• What are the penalties for breaking the rules?
• Where do I go when I leave?
• Are there any exceptions or ways around the rules?

Countries who need a Schengen Visa:
Country entry exit requirements for US citizens:
Schengen days calculator:
Denmark Schengen rules:
Sweden visitor permit:
Lithuania medical insurance requirements:
Slovakia medical insurance requirements:
France long stay visa:
Italy visitor visas:
Germany self-employment/freelancer visa:
Czech Republic self-employment visa:
Article on long-term visa options by Nomadic Matt:


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  1. @ChristineClark let’s say I established second citizenship in Malta which is a Schengen country, can I stay in France which is also a Schengen country as long as I want (More than 90 days)?

  2. What is the best visa I could apply, I have my sister there she is already a resident, but she has no job, but her husband does, can her husband sponsor me to have a long term residency visa?? What will I have to do or requirements because I want to move there and work also.

  3. I’m traveling to Spain for the winter from Canada (115 days)… and I want multiple entry into Spain as I’d like to travel around Europe while we are there… what do I need??

  4. I have an Australian passport.. which allow me to stay up to 90 days bisa free … my question is do I need to provide insurance and accommodation ? I am staying for 21 days in Europe and uk .

  5. i got a national visa [type D] to travel to Poland for Erasmus+, however i need to enter the schengen zone from Germany and then go to Poland [which is my main destination] by train . is that possible or i have to enter first from the country that gave me visa (poland).

  6. What she doesn't make clear is that after staying 90 days out of a 180 day period, you need to leave the Schengnen zone for a full 90 days before the next 180 day period can start.

  7. Hello,
    I am a Syrian M.A student and employee and I will apply for a visit Shengen visa to Germany in this summer from 1 June to 1 September. The question is, is it necessary and mandatory for me to get a NOC from the university, taking in consideration that I am not undergraduate but a master student working with my supervisor and the given time for travel is the summer which is considered a holiday. And if I don't get it will as a rule my application will be refused.
    Hope you answer me soon and thanks in advance

  8. It would be so nice if just one person could make a Schengen video for only Americans because when you start bringing up all the Visa issues, it just muddies the waters. I entered Europe at Lisbon on 10/24/2018 and (for whatever reason), immigration didn't stamp my passport with the S stamp. This isn't entirely surprising since there were over 400 people in the non-EU national queue and it was around 3 a.m. Lisbon time. Added to that, I had absolutely no idea what SCHENGEN EVEN MEANT!!! I've been in southern Europe (Por/Spa/Ita/Gr) for six months continuously and now hope to "escape" by flying to Serbia, Bulgaria, or Moldova. But I am totally panicking that some immigration bureaucrat will ask why I don't have an "S" entry stamp. I DON'T WANT TO GO TO PRISON!!! They throw cups of pee at you in jails from these countries. ???

  9. If I get Schengen Visa stamp for a particular country that’s in the Schengen Area, and decided after I want to go to a different country that’s still in the Schengen Area, do I have to get a separate visa for that country or can I just used the one that was obtain originally to what I applied to, so for example I a visa stamp by the French embassy but decided that I want to go Netherlands can I just used the same visa since both country is in the Schengen Area??

  10. its very detailed information but I have some question about my situation.I'm a filipina and maried romanian and he live in italy and working so what required documents we need and what visa we will process.


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