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UPDATE: Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program (2021)

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Big and Important UPDATE about Montenegrian Citizenship by Investment Program.

We’ve already filmed a video about our concerns regarding this program since the new Montenegrian government that came in power in late 2020 wanted to cancel this program completely. What is the current state of this program? Is it still on, can you still get a Montenegrian passport? If yes, for how long?

We will also guide you through all the fees that you should know about regarding this Citizenship by Investment Program.

The first BIG update: Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program will be going on UNTIL THE END OF 2021. If you’re considering it, you will still have time to obtain this passport before it shuts down.

Now let’s clarify all the fees that are involved in this. As you probably know, the headline rate is starting from 250 000 EUR invested in the property in the north of the country or 450 000 EUR on the seaside. However, this is hardly everything. There are lots of fees on top of this property investment.

First of all, there is 100 000 EUR donation to the government.
After this, there are application fees- 15 000 EUR for the first person, and an additional 10 000 EUR for each other person from your family, for up to 4 people. After that, it will be an additional 50 000 EUR for everyone over that.

The due diligence fee is 7000 EUR for a single applicant, and 10 000 EUR for a family of up to 4.

It doesn’t end there!

There will be more random fees involved totaling around another 5000 EUR, AND on top of this you will need to pay fees for the agent – this can cost anywhere between 15 000 – 50 000 EUR.

So as you can see, Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program has lots and lots of fees, and it is certainly not a cheap passport.

Montenegro might join the EU in the future, so this passport will become more valuable on the market when that happens, but this is still very uncertain. Nobody knows when and whether Montenegro joins the EU in the foreseeable future.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. What about starting a small business in ME? like a car or small transport truck for transporting goods and people OR a grocery store type of sole proprietorships.

  2. I'm a US citizen, Would like to get a second citizenship that is crypto/income tax friendly (tax-free). Would to renounce US in about 6 years but would like to get make sure I have a passport that would allow me to travel back into US with ease, without long visa application process, to visit friends and family. I don't plan to be resident of any country long each year because I plan to travel along. How can I contact you?

  3. I hope you don't mind me popping in with this but I am selling a commercial property in Montenegro, 12km from capital Podgorica, 360k, hit me up 😀
    Good video btw, keep up the good work!

  4. Montenegro could be rejected as Macedonia was by the E U , And the E U is falling apart, anyway I worry about good old fashioned Balkan Corruption. They are a lot of shady car dealers there and probably beautiful Byronic Montenegro is, to echo
    Somerset Maughan about the Riviera,A SUNNY PLACE FOR SHADY PEOPLE, Please correct me if im wrong.

  5. In my opinion is not about how much you will pay is how much benifits you will get. It really depends what benifits you will get or own interest of each individual wants to have. So price is not an issue. People have their own agenda so if you have money then its not a problem.

  6. very well said, this program is RIDICULOUS expensive for no reason . this is just an ex Yugo republic with a tier B- passport which is trying to convince everybody that soon is going to be an EU member (sure and maybe ukraine, moldova, northern macedonia, albania, serbia who knows) A total gimmick and a waste of money…

  7. Good content, we were considering Montenegro as an option – but not so sure now. Once we have our project funding we will call to set up an overall planning session. We have email you from PURA Forestry.


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