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Spanish citizenship para sa mga may apelyidong espanyol, binigyang linaw ng mga otoridad

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  1. Some filipinos discriminate fil-foreigners because they are not "filipino enough" and insisting they have spanish blood at the same time. The irony. Colonial mentality.

  2. May mga separdic jews sa PINAZ,MULA sa PANAHON ng mga spaniards at MAGING NOONG PANAHON ng exodus Ng mga jew MULA europe 🌍sa PANAHON ni PANGULONG QUEZON NOONG world war 2

  3. My middle name is Quintana, my great, great grandparents have Spanish blood, specially they came from the visayas region. It wasn't kwento barbero as many would say, but most of us have Spanish genes, it's just we evolved also, thru marriages. My mother side whose a Quintana mostly they are have Spanish features.

  4. My last name because I have Basque blood with Sephardic Jews in Ophir 🇵🇭🇵🇭 shalawan (Shalom).. my Sephardic Jew was hidden in Bayonne more than I had Mizrahi Jews in Central Asia to Ophirians 🇵🇭. And I have Catalan of Huguenot and Monasque descendants in Bassan,Herault, Languedoc-Roussillon and Venetian Jew in Bassano del Grappa,Venice
    Because the bloody Inquisition by Royal Catholic Spaniards were such a spoiled and cruelty.

  5. Ewan ko ano nangyare pero ung lola ng mama ko mestisa talaga ang mga itsura sabi nang mama ko ewan ba daw nya bakit nawala ung mga bakas ng pagiging mestiso mestisa sakanila pero mama ko mestisa ang itsura hindi ang dugo

  6. Mga sinberguensa todo
    Ustedes guire ese keda
    Spain citizen, porque man aura lang sila ya
    Pensa ansina, para conel mga Gonzales, I
    Atienza alli na zamboanga city, guire ba
    Ustedes gueda Spain citizen?

  7. Papa ko saka lola ko half ung una kong lolo pure Spanish pero Kaming magkapapatid marunong mag espanyol matangos din ilong ng 2 kong kapatid aken mdyo lng ung banda sa mata medyo mataas pro dun sa may butas malapad ung bandang mata lang talaga

  8. Then in that case the majority of filipinos will have Spanish citizenship. hahaha. We all have spanish last names. They need dna test first. My deceased grandfather in the Philippines looked spanish or white and my father looked white. His skin was very light and his siblings did not look filipino either, now that I think of it as I grew older. How I miss them very much.

  9. Linawin ko lang asia continent po tayu so asian tayo but not classified asian hispanic po ang Filipinas ibig sabihin ng hispanic kultura Pagkain Salita nasakop ng spain at may dugo na lahing spanish karamihan search ka muna bago kontra sa c0m3nt ko

  10. lola ko gloria Oquiza jímenez pangalanAt fabiano mga kaanak bat yung mga kuya at kapatid niya at lola niya matatangkad at blue eyes at matangos ilong siya lang lumabas na hindi masyado matangos at ilong pero ako lumabas ako mukang Spanish bread

  11. Parang mga latino lang ata pwede mag apply like brazil, mexico, chile, peru at etc. na mga spanish countries. We are not spanish country. So sila lang pwede maka pag apply hindi tayo… yun ang reality.. ang tawag sa atin asian Hindi tayo latino. Hmmm 🤔

  12. 98% of Filipinos do not have any “Spanish blood” as it’s a tiny minority because Spain did not colonize the Philippines in the same way they colonized territory in the Americas. Filipinos having Spanish surnames is a result of a law that passed in 1849 where a Spanish naming system was implemented on the population and given to Filipinos. Many of us Filipinos have Chinese ancestry but not Spanish ancestry.

    So Latin American colonies were often "settler" colonies to where spaniards migrated (think USA, Canada, Australia-style colonies, made up mostly of migrants who didn't originate from there) and intermarried with most of the population.
    Philippines was an "extractive" colony, there for trade. More like the African colonies or the British in India. Spaniards didn't intermarry and migrate there in large numbers, they traded and opened plantations.
    As a general rule, when I'm teaching colonial history, I explain that these are the two main types of colonies to the kids. It's fairly easy to understand and is broadly accurate, though on a micro level it's always more complicated than that

  13. Jusme karamihan nang Pinoy Jan ang punta para mag ka Spanish citizenship at EU citizenship tas lilipad sa ibang schengen countries
    Kase kung sa other schengen Areas sila pag papa nationalised aabot nang 5 years sya matagal compare sa Spain 2-3 years lang total Onting review sa history culture lang naman tas languages Class ang kaylangan ganon din gawain nang mga latino na migrate sa Europe sama sytle Then tas lilipat sa Germany or sa Denmark kung saan mataas sahod mataas di yung tax


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