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Why Did Britain Refuse to Annex Malta? (Short Animated Documentary)

In 1955 the Maltese government asked to be incorporated into the United Kingdom as its fifth constituent nation. As you’ll be aware, that never happened and Britain refused to annex the Mediterranean island. But why? Well, find out by watching this short and simple animated documentary.


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  1. The word was not 'annexation' it was 'integration'. 'Why Couldn't Malta Join the UK?' would have been a better title. You miss an important reason why the attempt at integration failed, namely the opposition of the Catholic Church, not only because the UK was Protestant but because Dom Mintoff was avowedly secular and anticlerical, which is why it called for a boycott, meaning that while 77 per cent of those voting said 'yes' to integration, only around 60 per cent of the electorate voted, meaning only 45 per cent of the electorate supported it. If this were a history essay I would give it a C minus.

  2. The decolonization seemed very fishy to me now. It seemed like the two powers were actively trying to destroy the old with words. Had Britain considered the voting to Join the UK option, it would still have the economic and military power to give the USSR and US the middle finger.

    Oddly enough, both powers seemed to relish in the idea of dismantling older powers.

  3. A little known fact is that the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean once approached Canada about being annexed by them. This got Canadians quite excited at the time – mid 1970s – but after some initial discussions, the people on the Turks and Caicos Islands backed away and it never happened. Given that Canada had never had any real connection to those islands, it might be interesting to do a video on that brief flirtation to look at why it happened and why it failed.

  4. I’m really interested in Maltas’ history going back before the knights of St. John etc etc, in some respects these knights were not the valiant people as was portrayed, anyway the history of this beautiful island is amazing and your presentation is excellent, thanks


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