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How an E2 Visa Investor Successfully Opened a Real Estate Business | Visa Franchise

Thank you Braner and Vanessa for sharing your American Story on how you moved to the U.S. from Brazil.

E2 Investor Visa
Over the past 10 years, E2 visa issuances have increased 80%, to more than 43,000 in 2019 alone. With an overall approval rate of 89%, the E2 visa has one of the highest approval rates for all U.S. visas. E2 visa investors are required to show how they will start (or buy) a U.S. business, hire Americans, and grow a profitable enterprise in five years. The requirements provided by U.S. government are quite clear but there is some room for interpretation by the U.S. consulate office. In the case of E2 visa denial, the consulate officer is required to indicate what E2 visa requirement was not met. If this happens, then your immigration attorney can work on a plan to modify your application for a future approval.

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