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7 Countries That DON’T Have a Citizenship by Investment Program

In this video, Andrew discusses seven countries that don’t have a citizenship by investment program.

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2:52 Cyprus
3:19 Greece
4:08 Serbia
5:15 Georgia
6:31 Albania
7:24 Hungary
9:19 Bolivia

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  1. The deal with Bolivia my parents are from there they have had subsequent governments that have come in and taken everything because their leftist marxist they claim everything for themselves so because of that a lot of companies are wary of spending money there and also the elevation it's some 3000' above sea level I believe I'm going there next year …. The big thing for Bolivia is the lithium that they have Chinese investment and now they're pulling out of that deal they have a new deal with the Indians ….

  2. Hey Andrew, how are you? I currently live in Spain and I heard that they recently passed the rent control Law in Barcelona. I'd love to get your take on rent control, investing in rental properties where there are such laws, etc.
    Also, I've been searching for countries that are not too overprotective of tenants, since this is also something that can be quite an issue here in Spain because they are impossible to evict; I literally know a guy who has been living rent free for 12 years and they haven't been able to evict him.
    If you need ideas for a video, please consider talking about this since I'd love to hear your input.
    Thanks and keep it up.

  3. Countries/States will begin competing for productive people. Just as employers compete for the best employees, shoppers look for the best goods, etc. The dumb countries will continue to take in non-productive people that are a drain on society and punish productive people while bloating the government overhead. Portugal has the right idea by attracting high net worth and business owners, which energizes the economy. Even after the tax holiday (10 years till?), the money velocity ripples through the economy. So Andrew has it right – go where you are treated best and countries will soon be competing very strongly for more desirable economic residents.

  4. Many countries where the country can grand you citizenship can give you that, but they are off-the-book programs that involves negotiation with the government and usually investments in the 10 million+ range.

  5. Hungarian CBI was shut down due to allegations (well more than that) of Politically Exposed/ connected people being involved in the scheme. Some government officials were named as well. Naturally, since this is Hungary we are talking about, no-one was arrested or has stepped down 🙂

  6. Can you make a video about Israel (Aliyah, right of return, 2nd citizenship for Jewish people – and their non-Jewish spouses, etc)? You mentioned it very briefly several times before, but it'd be good to see a more substantial video or interview about this option. 🙂


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