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Hungary – World's BEST Citizenship by Investment Program (EU Passport) ??

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Today we are talking about one very exciting topic – The BEST Citizenship by Investment Program in The World. This is unofficial citizenship by investment program.

Which country am I talking about? Hungary!

In my opinion, this is the best passport available on the market today. It’s the second most expensive program, right after Malta.

Unlike Malta Hungary doesn’t have official citizenship by investment program. What they have is citizenship by exception. This means that it’s given to individuals that somehow deserve to get it because they made a big contribution to the country.

You can not go through an agency or look it up on the website. This type of citizenship grant requires connections with the government. We have this type of connection in several other countries, including Georgia and Ukraine.

Now let’s get back to Hungarian citizenship. Why is it so great?

First of all, it gives you access to the EU and Schengen zone – you can live, work and study in any of the member states. This is a massive advantage that EU passports can give you.

Besides this, Hungarian citizens have visa-free or visa on arrival access to 182 countries and territories, ranking the Hungarian passport 10th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index. This includes Canada, the US, and Australia! You have the access to all the countries where it is quite hard to get visa as a tourist.

Another massive advantage of this citizenship is that it’s VERY FAST. You can get it in as little as two (or three) months! In order to obtain citizenship in Malta, it takes approximately one year to 18 months. Hungary is so much faster and more convenient, especially since you don’t have to go through a draconian due diligence process like in Malta. In comparison to Malta, Hungary wins every single point.

What about the costs?

In order to obtain Hungary Citizenship by Investment, you will need to donate 750 000 EUR to the government. This is an all-inclusive price. You can also bring your spouse and kids.

This program has some nationality restrictions, meaning that not everyone can apply.

In order to obtain this citizenship, you will need to visit Hungary. The due diligence process is very simple and straightforward, as long as you have clear police check and a clean source of funds there is nothing to worry about.

In my opinion, this is the best Citizenship by Investment program that exists in the world. It’s better than all the official and non-official programs. Also, we like the fact that it’s unofficial which means that you will not face the same hurdles as someone who buys one of the well-known citizenships, such as Vanuatu.

The only downside of this program is a hefty price, however if you’re deciding between Hungary or another EU citizenship this one is the clear winner in my opinion.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. I think I heard Hungary has worldwide taxation on citizens? Only for people really desperate to get an EU citizenship, but… Hungary is perhaps the most eurospectic gov so who knows where it could go in the longterm. Nobody thought brexit would happen….

  2. Hungarian Citizenship: €300,000 Government Bond – Many people were waiting in line at Burger King to get Passport. Hungary basically doubled the price because many foreigners were using their citizenship as a backdoor to countries in the EU where it was impossible for people from a poor country to get a visa.

  3. This is 100% the best possible citizenship your money can get at the moment. Price to value ratio seems quite fair to me. For someone who has enough money but doesn't have access to EU this is a golden ticket.

  4. Just found out I am eligible for Hungarian citizenship because of my grand grandfather who escaped Nazi Germany to Israel, the procedure will cost me 600usd instead of 750,000usd, a small difference.

  5. Very good content – A person would save a great deal in taxes from the US which easily pays for the new citizenship in Hungary. A beautiful country that protect its values, culture and traditions. Thank you

  6. Ok nice investment program how about the tax do you need to pay any tax and what if you dont live there and live somewhere else in europe do you still need to pay tax ?

  7. My Great Grandmother was from Hungary before moving to USA. I've considered getting citizenship by descent, but I have heard wildly different stories about the level of Hungarian needed to pass the language test. Anyone have insight into the difficulty of the language requirement that is required for Hungarian citizenship by descent?

  8. Awesome content as always Mike. I have a question though : How much percentage that you think is the minimum of someone's net worth that it makes sense for them to invest in this program ? For example this program is €750k, this person must be worth €15 million which is 5% .

  9. So hold on….theres no language requirements…alot of people said they they had to show a decent ability to read a write hungarian…but that was mainly for citizenship by descent…if I can pay and learn as I go….homie….I'LL BREAK THAT BREAD!!!


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