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GREEN CARD INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE 2020 || How long did It take to get my Card?!

Today I’m sharing with you my experience with the green card interview, It wasn’t easy and It was LONG! But I wanna give you some tips too 🙂
If you have any question, leave me a comment down below!

Here is the equipment I use in most of my videos and recipes:
•Canon M50:
•Canon EF-M 15-45mm:
•GEEKOTO 77” Tripod:
•CRAPHY Professional lights:
•Apple MacBook Air:
•Kitchen Aid:
•Piping bags:
•Baking Pans Set:


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  1. Man…i assumed having a kid together is enough proof that a marriage is bon affide. What more do they want…so many unnecessary things you got to walk with to prove being a couple..Anyhow congrats and welcome to the USA officially and thank you for sharing now next step citizenship.. Stay blessed to you and yours..🙏👍..Cheers!🥂

  2. Hello, my mom had filled in application to renew green card last year (6 months prior before it expires), been over 6 months. and still has not arrived. She has not heard anything back. Any suggestions on what to do

  3. Hello sur why isn’t visa 92 for I-730 case type not listed on the visa bulletin? What does it mean? That that visa type takes a lot of time than the rest of the visa types displayed on the bulletin or? Kindly tell me and by the time I applied I was 19 an I’m making 21 now should I be worried about it sur?

  4. Gov employees don't have to be nice I went to city hall one day and met the biggest jerks. I was watching the Rockford Files tv show and the encounter with some real jerks at city hall…I was laughing thinking these must be real employees and not actors.

  5. Congratulations. I'm just watching your video today. My husband and I are going to have the interview in English because he can't speak good Spanish. I'm kind of nervous because I don't speak English 100% perfect. Do you think that's a problem?


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