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Golden Passports: The EU Furious With Two Countries 'Selling' EU Citizenship – TLDR News

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With Britain leaving the EU and increasing global tensions, European Citizenship is looking increasingly desirable to many people. So in this video, we’re looking at the two countries ‘selling’ EU citizenship and why the EU is so angry about it.

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  1. I don't know why you would pay for a eu passport you just take a rubber dingy across the channel to Hastings , job done . I know they wont print this , anyone that doesn't fit in with googles mindset has their freedom of speech put straight into the garbage bin .

  2. eu be like "we're safe and secure" – also Eu "we cant punish poland or hungary because they are now dictatorships and leaching heavily off the eu, also poor countries are selling illegal passports which are technically legal and we can't do anything about it"

  3. Bulgaria also does that, but investors don't wanna buy it because of high-level corruption, lol. It's like 100k investment in a business in Bulgaria and u get it.

  4. Sure the Irish Republic have been doing this for decades they hand out passports to people who do not live or ever lived in the Irish Republic. I my self cant wait for my new non EU passport so I can burn the old EU one.

  5. It is not what the very wealthy have done for years ? In Monaco in the uk in usa and basically everywhere in the world ?____that aside fake bought passports for as little as 500 pounds is not new business on the contrary

  6. The articles forgets to mention, that Russians and people from other former soviet states use this as a way to gain access to the EU area. Russian organized crime bosses pay one of these trash states some money and gain an EU citizenship. After that they're free to launder money by buying real estate in any of the EU countries. In many EU countries, real estate purchasing limitations only apply to citizens of a third country, say, Russia, but if you're "bought" your EU citizenship, you're free the do whatever you like in the EU.

    This has been going on for years and years and documentaries have been made out of it ages ago. I have no idea why it's only now, that it has been brought up and discussed. Makes me trust the EU even less.

  7. WTF, I had no idea Croatia was an EU member. Let me guess, they're a net receiver of EU funding? That last round of expansion happened without any proper filters in place and now we have bottom feeders like Hungary, Croatia, Romania and the likes in. Their main contribution to the union being proliferation of organized crime.. in addition to being bottomless holes of EU money going into building things like a harbour in the middle of a desert etc.

  8. I generally don’t think this has any issue, if a person wants to be an Eu citizen and live a better life in Europe, He should be given the chance to choose so, as long as he is followed by the law and his wealth is come from legitimate source. Why forbidden people to choose a better life???? He may not wanted to live in his original country like Middle East or Asia. Due to his country’s government corruption and policy, does not protect his wealth. Why don’t give him a choice to find better life?????? This Doesn’t make any sense. EU board should really stop being conservative and try to be open mind like USA and UAE, to attract intelligent people in. This will help Europe grown. So u are willing to take in refugees who doesn’t have wealth nor education but not the people who is educated and have wealth? Are u crazy EU board? What were u thinking???

  9. Imagine getting mad at countries for bringing investments into their country through golden citizenship/visa AND also getting mad at them for not accepting as many immigrants. I say this as an immigrant.

  10. Is Malta a first world country? I heard some Maltese were having fun calling other countries ' third world ', I suppose they don't understand what does it mean.

  11. You’re wrong. Italian citizenship can be obtained from a female ancestor, as long as her child in the ancestry line was born on or after 01/01/1948. I obtained mine from my grandmother.

  12. So let me get this right
    1. Cyprus can’t control who comes from the EU and can do nothing about it
    2. The EU can’t control who comes from Cyprus and therefore wants to stop a supposedly independent nation from determining its own immigration policy.
    There seems to be one hell of an elephant in the room that nobody wants to see and that is freedom of movement.


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