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A DAY IN SAINT LUCIA | sunbeamsjess

You can tell how relaxed I am in this video because I can barely string a sentence together but I hope you guys enjoy a little of what I was up to in Saint Lucia ☀️


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We were staying at Sugar Beach:

Makeup coming soon in GRWM!

Orange Shirt: Free People (currently only available in black)

Denim Shorts: Levi’s – similar

Ganni Bikini: no longer available

Embroidered Duster Jacket: Free People [no longer available]

Belt: Vestiare (vintage)

*Purple Dress: Free People (only available in black atm)
*Terry Cloth Set: Free People
Black and White Reformation Dress:
Linen Dress: Free People
Pink Leopard Print Bikini: Fisch +
Green Ribbed Bikini: Jade Swim
Souls on Fire Tee: Free People


*Eye Necklace: Laura Lee Jewellery

Drop Necklace: Jacquie Aiche

*Silver Eye Necklace: The Great Frog

Silver Heart Necklace: The Great Frog

*Silver Plain Chain Necklace: The Great Frog


*Northern Star Earrings: Laura Lee Jewellery

Upper Ear Jewellery: Mostly Maria Tash

Second Lobe Piercing Hoops with Drops: Jacqui Aiche

Septum Piercing: Maria Tash


*Star Ring: Laura Lee Jewellery

*Moon Ring: Laura Lee Jewellery

Lace/Filigree Ring: Grace Lee

Sapphire Ring: jewellers in India

Gold Signet Ring: grandma’s

Eternity Bands: Rosa de la Cruz

*Eagle Ring: The Great Frog

Silver Signet Ring: The Great Frog

Micky Mouse Ring: The Great Frog


Gold Bracelets: gifts

Silver Link Bracelet/Silver Bangle: gifts

Skulls Bangle: The Great Frog


NAILS: Hand painted Gel by @bhambnails


How old are you?

What camera do you use?
Panasonic Lumix GH5

Where are you from?

How tall are you?
I think I’m about 5’4″

Is your hair dyed?

Thanks for watching guys!

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. Some links are affiliate links. Gifted items are marked with a star.


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  1. I Have Visited Your Beautiful Country Twice Through A Cruise, I Probably Would Like To Live There, I Would Like To Get Hold Of You Or SomeOne From Beautiful St Lucia, My Cell Phone Number Is Still 246-842-9809

  2. Ahhh finally a new vlog! I wish you uploaded more, I love your videos!!! I also wish we got to see more of you and Zach interacting. You guys seem to have such great chemistry!
    Your old videos of you working through college helped motivate me through my courses. It’s cool seeing you evolve from that post-grad. Thanks for sticking to YouTube after so many years! I feel like I’ve grown up with you 💕

  3. For all those who just have declare their disinterest or decision to unsubscribe, don’t. Just hit that unfollow button. No one is holding you a gun point to watch these videos. She doesn’t need to read your dislike of her or her content. Grow up!!!

  4. You always remind me of how much I love reading. Great content as always, Jess! How do you remember all the info that you're reading / have you got any techniques that help sort of memorise the main points of the book? I find myself reading great books and forgetting almost everything after… #fishmemory

  5. glad u had a relaxing time jess. i really loved ur vlog and ur content in general <3
    don't listen to the negativity of nosy and obviously jealous people!!

  6. I’m a new subscriber and love your content, including the vlogs! Please don’t get discouraged by the few negative comments. You are allowed to have a relaxing vacation. You are allowed to focus on YouTube after your masters. You shouldn’t feel any pressure from viewers on how to live your life. You have accomplished a great deal and continue to inspire many people. Last year I only read one book for pleasure lol and this year I’ve already read four! And it is largely due to your inspiring reading content. Just wanted to say thanks, and to not let any negativity get you down 🙂

  7. I'm sorry but I'm finally unsubscribing after over 5 years of watching your videos. This is the most unrelatable content I've ever seen, coming from a post-grad who is struggling and incapable of comprehending how you can live like you do, without any explanation to your audience or any effort in your videos. Its just bragging at this point. Not even an interesting video, just a look around the resort? Have you even visited the island? Would you not use your platform to show your audience the country? Reading a book about the Troubles on a beach in a private resort, without maybe discussing what their corrupt PM Allen Chastanet has done, and continues to do, to destroy St Lucia and the people who live there?

  8. Aww I wanted this vlog to be longer, I really missed your vlogs (I havent watched you for a while). You got me interested in that Northen Ireland book, your holiday outfit and makeup. I'm such a slow reader so i'm always admiring people who can finish 4 books in one week of holiday :O.

  9. 😍it looks so nice there😍 I kind of feel the same about the live music. I feel like when you're out to eat you want to be able to keep a conversation, not shout above the music. It also is a bit disrespectful to the musicians, so I would rather go to a concert after. Sometimes if the mood and the music style is right it can be a really good combination, but you have to be lucky to find those rare moments. Seems like St. Lucia is that magical kind of place.


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