Home Residency in Schengen Spain citizenship offer attracts Sephardic Jews in Israel

Spain citizenship offer attracts Sephardic Jews in Israel

Israelis are showing great interest in Madrid’s moves to grant dual nationality status to the descendants of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492. So-called …


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  1. spain lost everything after expelling the jews , they become a very poor country after doing that to the jews ,for GOD say only him[ GOD] have the right to punished the jews no one else, for if they do they will pay with pain and sorrow their nation , look at history and you will see when any nation punish the jews what hapen to them.

  2. One of my frat grandmothers came to Puerto Rico on a ship with nothing but the clithes on her back, her small son and some Spanish crowns coins she had sewed inside the hem of her dress.v

  3. Some people are just too ready to call others terrorists without investigating the subject further .labeling is just easier and does not require any effort or knowledge.

  4. who the f***k wants to live in a world where monarchy still rules and has a really bad economy. Many Spaniards want to go somewhere else like the US, Germany, even Mexico.


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