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Civil Partnership in Spain + Family Member of an EU Citizen (Easiest Residency in Spain)

The easiest way to get your residence permit in Spain! In this live webinar we explain to you, step by step, how to constitute a civil partnership (“pareja de hecho”) in Spain, thus being able to get the residence permit as a family member of an EU citizen.

Including all the documents and requirements to obtain the visa given to those who are relatives to a European Union citizen in Spain, which allows you to live and work in the country for 5 years!

More about the civil partnership in Spain:

A complete guide on the Family Member of an EU citizen visa:


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  1. Hi!!!! May i know after the approval, and getting the residency, do i have to stay in Spain for a period of time (for example at least 180 days a year) in order to maintain the residency? thanks

  2. Hi! Can we get pareja de hecho in 3 months? The visa give people the right to be in Spain just 3 months and I want to do pareja de hecho with my Spanish partner is that possible?

  3. If someone gets a 5 year residency using partnership or marriage… does that mean they will eternally need to keep getting 5 year renewals for the rest of their life? Or is there a different process that can give someone a permanent residency? If so, what is the requirement to get a permanent residency?


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