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Citizenship by Investment Programs Review: Vanuatu

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Today we are talking about Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program. This is part of my series of Citizenship by Investment Reviews.

Vanuatu is a small island in the South Pacific. Passport of this tiny country will grant you visa-free access to 130 countries and territories, including the Schengen area and Russia.

The biggest advantage of this CBI program is the speed. You can get Vanuatuan passport in as fast as a month and a half! That’s pretty incredible, having in mind that most of these programs would take at least 6 months. Also, for an extra cost, you don’t even need to visit the country in order to get a passport. It can all be done remotely!

The price of this passport is rather compelling since they will not drown you in extremely high due diligence fees. This is especially important if you’re applying as a family since you’d be saving quite a bit of money in comparison to other similar programs.

One thing that this program offers that many others don’t is the ability to change your name on your new passport. Needles to say a few people would find this option very compelling.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. Vanuatu Govt inadvertently admits Fatal flaw in its Honorary Citizenship program. Australia is a classic example of a country that does not take kindly to those who present “bogus documents or information that is false and misleading in relation to your current visa application”. In addition to refusing a current application (or canceling a previously issued visa), penalties can range from a three to ten-year bar on applying for an Australia visa. New Zealand goes even further and imposes a potential seven-year prison sentence along with a financial fine of NZ$100,000.
    Can anyone shed a light on this report?

  2. Hi Michael. A new follower here. Thank you for your awesome content.
    I have a question if you don't mind. So I am an Iraqi citizen with a Canadian permanent residency. The funds I intend on using for one of those programs come from savings from Iraq. Now the issue with that is we don't use banks there, simply because they are corrupt and you could end up losing your money. So for example i can manage to move them to a turkish bank account as I also have a resident visa there. That brings us to which programs would be best for me in terms of not being fussy about ( source ) of income and length of statements etc.
    2nd question is I want to include my dad and he's the main reason for me going down this route, as he's (stateless). So whatever program I pick, must be ok with including him. He has his documents like birth certificate, university degree, copies of old temporary travel documents etc.

    And finally, it's a bonus if it has UK visa free, so I can visit my Son without a visa.

    Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. It looks like problem with banking is deal breaker 🙁 I want to get another citizenship in order to renounce my Russian citizenship. So I’m not looking for typical secondary citizenship (when people keep their main citizenship). Please, tell me that St. Kitts and Nevis doesn’t have banking problems.

  4. Michael some rumors are out there about potential citizenship-based taxation on Indians in the near future. I could not verify the source. Is it true?

  5. I really want to visit Vanuatu. It's one of the things on my bucket list.

    As for their citizenship. I believe it is appealing to certain people, especially the speed, not needing to visit and name change.

  6. Good content like always Michael.
    Should you present any reason for changing your name on your new passport? or they accept all kind of names without a reason?
    I heard Turkish authorities allow new citizens to pick out a new name on their Turkish passport but the name should be a Turkish name ! Kinda funny I suppose.

  7. Man, maybe I'm the only one gets annoyed by this lengthy invite to subscribe?
    you're not exactly mass market, to be interested in your content a guy has to know his way around the world, likely know about how channels work already. Treat your customers with respect and they'll pay you back.
    Just an opinion

  8. I've been to Vanuatu and to Champagne beach, too. Beautiful beach as well as many others on Santo. Vanuatu is also a home of the man who won the lottery 14 times – Stefan Mandel. The reason he lived there is because Vanuatu don't have an extradition agreement with Israel (pretty much the only country in the world).


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