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5 things about the Cyprus Investment Programme scandal

The Greek Cypriot Administration’s Investment Programme has handed out “golden passports” to those who have the money, even criminals. Here are five things you need to know.

Cyprus Conflict

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  1. Whelp, looking at the news right now. Seems like something was rotten in Cyprus. Who knew selling passports for money wouldn't encourage criminals from getting in on the action ?

  2. Hmmm Malta gave passports to Qatari Royalties and to name a few :
    Mohammed Ahmed J. Al Thani, his wife Hanadi children Jassim, Jude and Layana.
    No issue there I see …………..

    We all know the reason behind these amatuer AJ news is the fact that Cyprus has a pipeline deal with Israel and Greece while the Qataries want a pipeline with Turkey
    Tuff luck but there is nothing illegal about the passports as many EU members are doing this
    I am not rejecting corruption in Cyprus but these low level journalism has hit rick bottom….

  3. The correct name is "Republic of Cyprus" an E.U. country member and sovereign state recognised by United Nations and other countries. Unlike the TRNC which is the military occupied part of northern Cyprus administered, god knows by who!!! You have also used a wrong photo of Chinese billionaire so I just suggest bring your misleading video down before a law suit follows up. You might want to stick to professional journalism and stop piggy backing on back of other armature news agency's "paid for under the table" propaganda.

  4. Small correction: It's officially the "Republic of Cyprus", saying "Greek administered Cyprus" would imply that it's being administered by Greece, which would technically be incorrect as it has de jure sovereignty.

  5. Sri Lanka all law controlling by politicians all laws on their hands if they think that law threat to them that law immediately remove.

    Rajapaksha family net worth is $18 billion

    Former president (2015-2019) net worth is $14 million

    Many of politicians in Sri Lanka stolen nearly $1 million within night. But same politicians and their families side by side governing the country from 72 years

    Sri Lanka all systems are corrupt bribes, 10%- 90% commissions and many corruptions state and private sectors. IMF grants world bank grants other loans 50% taking by politicians and government officials.

    50% of Sri Lanka already sold to India China USA remaining 50% now on the way to sell that all money looted by politicians in government and opposition.

    98% Sri Lanka politicians are millionaires some are billionaires from US dollars they have investments around the world also have purchased foreign citizenships and PRs but 80% of Sri Lanka politicians only go to grade 6 some not even go to schools.


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