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U.S. Senate passes bill to clear country's cap on green cards, 7 lakh Indians may benefit

Current US rules limit any one country to 7 percent of all employment-based green cards. Indians make up more than 6 lakh of those whose paperwork is approved but are waiting.

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  1. People in the comment section talking about brain drain….its actually avoiding suffocation and unemployment in the country…plus NRI s always send a lot of dollars back home and invest in India which is beneficial for the Indian economy…Migration is natural when resources are less and people are more in a geographical region

  2. I know lot of Indians who said they could not do more due to cast reservations in India and thrive in USA as top talent… glad they come here n help us with tech 🙏

  3. Let me tell you those who left india for economic reasons…i dont care about them….if they get visa or no idont care …yes if they get expelled they are welcome here..🙂👍

  4. Indian government should increase the opportunities for our talented youths otherwise there would be huge leakage of talent from India. Our country needs these youths more than USA ,don't let them go🙏🏻

  5. Do highlight the issue of farmer bills passed by Indian government and indian government is beating farmers even for peaceful protest
    I ll be very thankful to you if put some light on this 🙏

  6. As a parent of two U.S. techie based sons I have right to give my opinion in this diaspora
    When starting the carrier in the US or any other countries gives cool at first. Eventually, the days gone day by day your parents would be felt lonely. They very very much got worries of their solitaire, and tempted to seek family reunion in our country.

  7. Why would anyone want to come to America? Our virologist says we will stay on lockdown until there are zero deaths and zero cases. Only essential jobs like grocery stores and restaurants are available. Restaurants are drive thru window only. College classes are all online. Our economy is going down the drain. We are also losing our liberties. We are never coming out of lockdown

    Joe Biden is part of the Great Reset which calls for a one world government with the U.N. in control. America is no longer a superpower. According to Klaus Shwab at the Davos Economic Forum people will own nothing and be happy. He actually said this and Biden is a part of it. They aim to abolish private property and gasoline vehicles by year 2030. It's an eco fascists plan and we can only rent

  8. Good news. But, it is also true that difference in the life style benefit that was present 20 years ago is no more there. I mean, you get mostly all things in India and sometimes at lower price. One has to really see what benefit they will get by going there as compared to their life in India.

  9. Even then, I don't want to live or work there anymore. The reality of "American dream" has been exposed especially in 2020. I would much rather work my ass off in india and grow my wealth here and live a lavish life.

  10. Indians want US to raise the cap so they can go and settle there

    Indians quietly accepting the increase in reservation quotas

    India will remain DEVELOPING for the next 50 and more years


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