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Top 10 Tax Havens in the World

We check out the top 10 (actually just 9) tax havens in the world! The list includes: Monaco, Singapore, The Cayman Islands and many more…


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  1. all governments are fake. All politicians are fake characters, made up, it's not even their real names. All elections are fake. They were all selected, none were ever elected in the history of the world.

    Even your birth certificate and name is just a corporation. It's not you. It's a corpse. It's a fiction. Your tax name and ID is a fiction. the government you think you answer to is another fiction. Corporate fictions. Corpses. Hoaxes.

    Tax is theft. If you don't avoid tax, you're just ignorant, and/or an idiot. And idiots perhaps… deserve what they get, it could be argued. At least, that's how the ruling class feel about the fools who play by the fake rules.

  2. How is Ireland described as a tax haven , it has a CT tax rate of 12.5% which is relatively low – however all these companies you speak of employ 10 of 1000’s of people and are not mere back offices, they have their European head offices and massive campuses based in Ireland! Income tax rates in Ireland are high , Vat rates are relatively high, Capital gains taxes are very high , tax on cars , alcohol and fuel are among the highest in the world – it’s hardly a low tax economy! The rich in Ireland are usually tax resident in Monaco or Switzerland as Irish taxes are high!

  3. So many people like to shit on tax avoidance, but taxation funds war. Particularly in the US where we've spent the larger majority of our 245 years as a country in some kind of war. Every one is busy losing their bitch minds over a mild virus while millions of kids are slaughtered fighting the wars of bankers and politicians every year.

  4. Delaware DENIED the other states of billions11!!!11 by helping companies EVADE taxes. Just like Walmart DENIED Sears of billions and helped me EVADE overpriced jeans.

    The language used by these guys shows a clear preference for tax and spend governments. "imagine what some government could have done if they took billions more of companies money" Never, "imagine how many more companies would have gone under like toys r us if governments were allowed to tax at will without competition."

  5. Dubai Offers

    Zero Income Tax
    Zero Inheritance Tax
    Zero Corporate Tax
    100% repatriation of funds and profits

    It Still offshore heaven.

    Only thing is there is no secrecy but full KYC which is good for Ethical Business.

  6. Taxation is theft, so hi five to all these tax havens.
    The federal income tax and other federal taxes in the US should be eliminated — they should have never been implemented in the first place — so states can compete on taxation levels. If you like to live in a socialist hellhole, you should have the choice without expecting other states to bail you out. If, on the other hand, you want to live in a libertarian tax haven, you should also have the choice without having to bail out socialist states. Federal taxes are a very bad idea, as they take the choice away.

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  8. Cook islands and Seychelles omitted along with panama and liberia where most ships are flagged. Note these havens have virtually no defense forces except for switzerland which is like one big fort Knox. Lichtenstein and luxemburg could also fit here with Andorra and that small italian state . Some benefit by being successory kingship principalities where rem taxes follow the tribute system . It's all a big shell game of niche financial experts akin to asset preservation and hereditary wealth transfer. Employment costs for all the above are minimal except for ireland who motivated apple and google to take advantage of an educated english speaking population that was underemployed. With close contacts with the EU . The EU was not happy with these revenues being low taxed and has tried to punish ireland much the way england has . So this may encourage some others . Note the UK has always encouraged piracy in its western territories so that's why they have 4 on the commonwealth list. Drakes cakes.

  9. If it weren't for tax havens, there would be NO LIMIT to the demands of politicians with regard to taxes. Some people decry tax haven countries; but I say, some degree of tax competition is "good" because it limits the ability of politicians (and their supporters) to confiscate other people's money.

  10. 01:55 "Steal public funds" ?!?!? People who find ways to KEEP their own money in their pockets that they have EARNED are not the thieves here. The government who forces people to pay against their will are the thieves.

  11. Are you familiar with the mechanism that some people will not work at all(as opposed to working elsewhere) when they are overtaxed (overtaxation is an revenue tax of more than 10%)? No? Well – this is exactly the mechanism the left is using taxation to stop global warming. Meaning – they make the taxes really high, so people STOP working and do nothing, so they do not produce CO2.

  12. You call yourself a guru…?

    What about the Principality of Andorra?! It's one of the best tax havens in the world, has been for many years. The benefits companies can take advantage of are very profitable!


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