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Salary After Phd in USA? Greencard / Placement / Careers | Part 3

Part 1: Starting PhD in USA | What You Need to Know

Part 2: What Happens During PhD? | PhD Program in USA Explained

Life after PhD in USA | 10 things you must know

0:00 Introduction
0:52 How is life after PhD? What are the career prospects?
1:10 Is PhD in USA a gateway to greencard?
1:42 What is the difference between MBA and PhD careers?
2:18 What is the difference between a professor in academia and a researcher in a lab in the US?
3:38 I do not enjoy teaching but I am interested in research. Is PhD still a good option for me?
4:20 How much does the ranking of the University matter for placements after PhD? Is the ranking of the University a good indicator of the quality of the PhD program?
5:07 How to become a professor? How to get a tenure-track assistant professor position?
5:25 How to become a professor in an ivy league college?
5:52 What is the salary potential after PhD in USA?


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  1. Sir I have completed my PhD in mechanical engineering. I 13 papers done 9 of USA , right now I am working as assistant professor in one of college in Bangalore. How could I apply jobs in USA? Could u please suggest me

  2. Sir I have done MBA (HR) From Sikkim Manipal University, is it possible for me to do PhD in Management or I have done BEd regular program, which is better option. Thanks a lot

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  5. Sir have recently been admitted at Cleveland State University for Masters in information systems. I am planning to do my PhD ones have completed my Masters. But I wanted to do my PhD in a field that is more towards the marketing section. After my diploma information technology and my bachelors in computer engineering.I would like to know what are my options for choosing a particular subject in order to do my PHD. It would be a great help if you could help me and guide me to choose what subject I should select or whom should I contact to . It would be a great help if you could please sharing your email ID so that we can communicate.

  6. I have two simple questions please try to answer:
    #1)Do you speak Telugu? As you're from Andhra Pradesh.
    #2)Is it possible to pursue Master's in engineering,then doing job for 5-10 years and again pursuing pH.d then continuing the way in research? Or doing masters in engineering,and right after after doing PhD in physics?
    Just say in one sentence no cobra effect,plzzz

  7. Sir, I am a big fan of your video's. I am from Bangalore. You will be surprised to know that I am not a student but I am a homemaker and mother of a student doing PhD in university of Texas at Dallas , dreaming that one day my son also become a professor like you and his lifestyle, way of talking, thinking, opinions,may be like you. I have been watching your videos regularly, it's very informative, please keep up the good job.

  8. Getting a academic position in IVY league university is only for IVY league PHDs is not true. I have several friends who are professors in IVY league schools and they did their PHD from non IVY league university. And most of them have done their engineering from my college or IITS, MBA from top colleges in India and PHD in management from non IVY league university in USA. On the other hand I have friends who are MBAs from IVY league university and they are in banking or corporate business. So in a nutshell … talent and quality always shines.


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