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How I obtained Legal Residency in Mexico

Living and thriving in a country for me is based on being able to live and reside legally.

Yes, the process is long, uncomfortable and can be expensive. Those that have been able to obtain residency pre-covid maybe had less issues than I did.

If you remember my last post in regards to residency I stated I was denied by most of the consulates in the state of California based on not being age 60 and my income not being $34,000 a in my bank monthly. (Please know your reading that amount correctly.)

I began searching neighboring states and emailing each of them to get an appointment during covid, most never replied and the few that did re-routed me back to my home state. I was frustrated and figured I would just travel on the tourist visa and return in 6 months and try again.

Therefore, I continued on my path to Mexico despite not having legal residency.

About 2 weeks after I moved. The staff from the Phoenix Mexican consulate, who I had been emailing back and forth had requested documents and I finally had an appointment.
So last week I flew to Los Angeles from Mexico to ensure all my paperwork was original and accurate to provide to them.

While I was in the bank gathering my documents, I received a call from the consulate stating my appointment would be canceled. She explained due to the rise of cases of covid in Arizona, their office would be closed. I explained I had left Mexico, flew to LA and will be driving to Arizona within a few hours. She spoke to her supervisor and they made an exception for me.

16 hours later, 2 large McDonald’s sweet Teas and a cheeseburger down, and patience I was finally able to get my permanent legal residency, which is the first step.

Once I returned to Mexico, immigration at the airport stamped my passport for 30 days and entered me in their system. I have to have my paperwork processed with immigration here in the country of Mexico or my status is null and void. This past Saturday, we met with the immigration specialist who had to complete a stack of paperwork, most by hand and all in Spanish. I had to take new passport photos and temporarily surrender my American passport to immigrations here so my Mexican visa can be processed completely. I will receive my green card in about 2 months but in the meantime I can used my visa as proof of legal residency.

Many people have asked me…why do all of that? Why not do 6 months on a tourist visa?

My answer: I’m legal now and this is my new chosen home country. Some complain about people being in America illegally and so on. Well….out of respect for Mexico and her openly accepting this brown girl into their humble and beautiful country the least I can do is be here legally.

I can respectively say that I am a proud legal African-Mexican-American citizen. It’s a long process not for the faint of heart, but heck neither am I! ❤️

I hope this helps someone in the process!


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  1. Congrats on the residency, did your partner (not sure if that’s a man or woman by the few pics you show that’s why I said partner) already have residency? Or did they have the same experience as you did?

  2. You were lucky. I have a friend of mine and he took 3 years to get a Canadian resident visa and tons of paper, exams and travelling to the capital. Also another friend has been trying to get an American resident visa for almost five years even he delivered all the information required. He has been told that probably he will need ten more years. This is why you see hundreds of kids travelling by themselves and walking for hundreds of miles trying to reunite with their parents in the USA. Bureaucracy can be a huge obstacle in your life even destroying it without mercy.

  3. You're 4 hours away from Manzanillo, Colima. It's way cheaper and filled with careers thanks to.the Shipping port. My dad's from there and has always taken us every summer all summer. I love it there

  4. Hello again What a roller coaster ride I'm glad you are through with it Once again a very informative experience There are videos that will give directions and yours does that but your videos more informative because you take the time to share your personal experience as well . I soon will be going to the Consulate I'm a 61 year old pensioner who lived in Mexico for 2 – 6 month stays ,returning for fall and winter thanks again for giving us this information . And congratulations on becoming an African – Mexican – American citizen !!!! Chris Grosse Pointe ,Mi .

  5. congratulations meechie ? i am glad yo got your legal residenci ones this covid goes a way , you will be able to know another world couse mexico is not a country ? is another world , now you will beable to work and compleat your dream , i am glad for you gfod bless you sweety , wich part of mexico you are going to iive in ? in puerto vallarta or mexico city , good luck

  6. SIS, the time will come when "our peoples" in Amerikkka will be hittin the border walls and reversing out of the U.S. I pray that the people of Mexico will understand in that day that it WAS NOT US OVA THERE THAT HATED THEM !

  7. I've looked at several you tube videos about Black Mexicans. They do not appear to be accepted as easily as the US Blacks are accepted by the non-Black Mexicans. This may be a misconception on my part. Have you met any Black Mexicans? Do you see Black Mexicans portrayed on television shows or commercials in Mexico? If yes, are they portrayed in a non-racist manner?

  8. I am so happy I stumbled on to your channel! I have been researching how to move to Mx & have been really discouraged with what I've seen. I live in AZ & your video just gave me all kinds of hope & excitement. I'm ready to get started, if Covid will allow me.

  9. To clarify… you must maintain a balance of at least $34k for 6 (or 12) months…??? That sounds more feasible and reasonable — because depositing $34k every month is seriously extreme (and would definitely count me out)…!!!

  10. Omg I don't know how I got to your channel, and I felt in love with your story, I'm form mexico and welcome your such a good example for everyone. Saludos desde Cuernavaca Morelos. Sorry if my English is bad.

  11. I've 26 years in Mexico, so here's my advice from experience for those still in the process of moving to Mexico. 1. At least for your first time dealing with the Mexican bureaucracy GET AN EXPERT to do it for you. It's worth the money, especially if you don't speak Spanish fluently. (Being able to order a beer won't get it). They know the people where you're going to be doing your paper work and understand all of the intracacies of the process. Here's a decent place to start investigating that. https://www.mexperience.com/lifestyle/living-in-mexico/visas-and-immigration/#51
    2. I noticed you had some basic misunderstandings. For example, you said that you needed USD$33K +/- "a month in my bank account". It sounded like you understood that to mean monthly income. In fact, that is the required average bank balance over the last 12 months. It's equivalent to 5,000 minimum daily wages in CDMX. You need to show a monthly income of 300 minimum daily wages in CDMX or around Eur1,400.
    3. Make it a priority to learn Spanish. Even living in PV with lots of English speakers, you will do much better speaking Spanish. And, since you seem to be pointing to living permanently in Mexico, you'll need to speak, read and write Spanish to get your citizenship after 5 years residency. Don't worry, you won't lose your US citizenship.

  12. This is not necessarily a comment about your motives for moving here. But Some things I have truly
    learned to appreciate during my process. I was frustrated with the 8 months it took for me to be granted TEMPORARY residency. It’s truly a gift to be granted permission to work, residency or citizenship in another country especially a place like Mexico. ESPECIALLY during covid.
    Nor should it be a fast process in my opinion.
    It’s important to remember you’re moving into a country and potentially taking opportunity away from their citizens, (In their eyes) or going into their communities and having nothing to give, and only benefiting from the low cost of living for us vs. Canada or the states. There are people really suffering here, ad when I was finally granted permission for temporary residency in 2019, and now two more years of temporary, I see how fortunate I am, I recognize how grateful I should be that I even have the opportunity to move solely because I wanted to when so many people here have less opportunity as a result of my countries policies. Remembering this made me forget the frustrations I had.

  13. I am so inspired by your videos, I am trying to make that move that you have done. My goal and dream is to relocate to Mexico. Not sure where you are but would love to get assistance.

  14. Your video blessed me. I’m headed to Panama to obtain my Foreign Nations Visa. However, I am ALSO looking to obtain residency in Mexico. It is soooo beautiful there. I like having more than one option especially during a pandemic. I’m so happy for you.


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