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Do Any European Countries Grant Birthright Citizenship? | #OneMinuteNomad

Do any European countries grant citizenship by birth? As of 2020, one now does; learn more here:

It’s possible to get your unborn child – and sometimes yourself – second citizenship merely by having that child born in another country. It’s called “jus soli” and it’s practiced by most American countries like Canada, Panama, Brazil, and (controversially) even the United States.

Birth Tourism in Brazil:

However, what about European countries? Sadly, since Ireland gave up the practice, all European countries practice “jus sanguinis”, meaning you need a blood relative to become a citizen by birth.


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  1. I have a question what would happen hypothetically if an American woman or what ever gender they identified as were to use a German sperm donor, would the child be given blood citizenship due to their parent being German because birthright citizenships is unavailable could this be a way of obtaining a citizenship getting past birthright citizenship?

  2. Another exellent video Andrew. It would ve nice to also drop a video regarding your thoughts on post Brexit era. And especially on how the big investors and businessmen of City will manage their global mobility issues after Uk leaves EU. Do you believe that the UK will pay attention in the Commonwealth Convention fro this way on? What about the countries that offer Citizenship programs being part of the Commonwealth?

  3. Hey Andrew, speaking about birth right citizenship I just wanted to let you know that the Wall Street Journal released an article of the IRS giving a couple of U.S. citizens a tax “relief” as they call it. What is your opinion and if you could talk about it if it becomes important later on. I’ll leave the link here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/irs-gives-tax-break-to-some-american-expatriates-11567797689

    IRS Gives Tax Break to Some American Expatriates

  4. Outside of Europe. The last country to end birthright citizenship was the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 in 2010. The reason was cuz of birth tourism by people from their neighboring country Haiti.

  5. Andrew there is a loop hole for Birthright citizenship in Europe but only British and Irish citizens can avail of it.

    A child of a British citizen born on the island of Ireland is automatically an Irish citizen and vice versa for children of Irish citizen born in the UK.

  6. Hi Andrew, can you talk about the different residency by investment programs in Latin America & Southeast Asia for maybe 6 months to a few years? It obviously doesn’t have to lead to citizenship, but I find the idea of living in 2 countries for each half of the year fascinating and it sounds ideal.

  7. After the fall of the USSR many people living in Lativa and Estonia are stateless…..Norway gives birthright citizenship to anyone who is born in country that would otherwise be stateless…..The stateless mother could easily travel to Norway since all countries mentioned are in the Schengen area…..jus soli in Norway….

  8. France and Span have double jus soli or birthright citizenship. If you are born in Spain or France and one of your parents was also born in the same country you were born too, you’re automatically entitled to citizenship in any of those two countries by birth.

  9. If you have an Irish grandparent, or if you have ANY Italian ancestry (dating back to hundreds of years) then its fairly easy to get EU citizenship even with distant ties to Europe


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