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Benefits of Dual Citizenship

There are many benefits of dual citizenship. In this video, we’ll go over just a few of the many benefits. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for dual Italian citizenship, Irish dual citizenship, Polish dual citizenship or citizenship with another country in the world. There are always some benefits to take into consideration if you’re thinking about the subject. Having a second passport is not only a responsibility but something to be proud of and something which can open up many doors. What doors do you hope they’ll open for you?

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  1. I hold both British and irish citizenship being born in Northern Ireland, slightly better than being only British, who no longer have the right to live and work in EU countries and a british passport is on the same standard as a US passport in the rest of Europe now 😂

  2. I have a question suddenly poped up in my mind, I don't know weather you know about it or not still asking- If I have 2 pasports and I go back home with passport of the 2nd home passport, Will that be a problem for me? Will I face immigration problem?

  3. Having been born in one of the "six counties", also known as "Northern" Ireland, I already qualified for dual citizenship (Irish & British). Having lived most of my adult life in the U.S.A. & adopted two children there, they are perfectly within their rights to hold American passports also. We admired the patriotism shown by Americans on national holidays but one thing always puzzled us & the question could never be adequately answered by our American friends. If they were so proud of their country, why do they feel the need to preface their "American" heritage with often one or more other nationalities? It just seemed ludicrous. We have travelled further abroad than the 3 countries in which our family has 3 homes but have only encountered this phenomenon in the U.S.A.!! The usual rule is, the country of one's birth affords one's nationality. One thing we have encountered anywhere we've travelled where we meet Americans. Rather than just enjoying the local culture (usually the reason for travelling) is that Americans have to continually diminish the land to which they've travelled & compare everything as "less than" to the U.S. & the locals as somehow educationally impoverished. We love our American friends as family but this idea of U.S. tourists continually declaring their superiority is frustrating. The countries so many Americans seem to hold dear are Ireland & Italy & hoteliers & owners of B&B's in both countries have been known to actually bump prices up to get a literal "pay-back" for the put-downs they have to endure.

  4. Aloha Rafa, I just found you. I am considering dual citizenship and possibly making Italy my home in the future. I have a question, would I be required to disclose/state my net worth in order to become a citizen? Thanks, Rob

  5. My mother was born in Italy and moved here as a child and after visiting Italy in the previous year, I really enjoy this channel as a way to prepare for possibly moving there in the future.

  6. I was officially approved to be an Italian citizen 2 days ago. I've already got my appointment set up for next month to get my passport. I have so many questions and so much going through my head now. I'm not even sure where to begin.

  7. Rafael! Ciao – Love your videos but have a question. We just became dual citizens and we want to take Italian Language lessons when we return next year and stay in one place. Where do you find low cost classes in a town? Rome was crazy priced when we were there for 3-months so we didn't bother. Thank you!

  8. I am from Colombia I am very interested in start my own organic farm somewhere in the world! But now that all the governments are corrupt! I would like a place where organic food don’t get affected by Monsanto! Also pharmaceutical freedom! Don’t force people to inject all they want to experiment on us! I am living in Texas right now but I want to plant in a green land.

  9. OK…Here we go…As an Italian native….I would deny dual citizenship to anyone that has no interest in learning the Italian language….What good would it be to have Italian citizenship and don't show any interest in wanting to learn this beautiful language?….I did the reverse of Rafael…I came to the States almost 25 yrs ago…..I would love to stay on after retirement…6 more yrs to go…but my American partner wants us to move to Italy…..As a former resident…I would know very well what I will face once there…but no problem….I will just have to ask my American doctor to load me up on extra strength blood pressure pills…Yep….life in Italy is not a walk in a garden…not even for us Italians, even if retired…..Yes one of the most beautiful country on mother earth….but several years of Social/communism….have just about destroyed the fiber of my native country….more chaos and desperation than say back in the magical 80's…..One question for Rafael….how difficult will it be for my American partner to get a resident visa under the Coppia di Fatto legislation? I am not looking forward to all the bureaucracy and red tape in Italy to get his residence….we will both be retired when leaving the U.S.. PS…I love your channel…lots and lots of great and accurate info for prospective new Italian residents…..Hugs….e fai il bravo…….LOL

  10. It's tough as an American because you have to pay taxes to America no matter where you live once you've gone a certain level in your income. That's why the number of people surrendering their American citizenship has gone up and from what I understand you have to pay a massive amount to get the American citizenship rid of and used to be the government would let you pay a giant fee but what I've heard is if you give up your American citizenship, you still have to pay 10 years' worth of taxes before you're free from the burdens of American citizenship. Let me know if this is true.

  11. Hi Rafael! I spoke with you a while back- I applied at the Miami Consulate- 1 year and 5 m ago. Still waiting to hear from them… the wait AFTER the application appointment is unbelievable! I see other people waiting years for the initial appointment but that isn't even the worst of it. When I spoke to them I was ready to give my passport photo and call it a day, but that's a whole other process. They said it will take up to 2 years and to not contact them, they will contact me. Once they do I can then apply for the actual passport- I don't know how long that will take…

    I just hope everyone in the comments knows this process takes years and then some. Please start today and hopefully you will receive by 2030. lol
    I don't know how long the processing time is for other consulates but I am sure its not due to the commune since my interactions with obtaining birth records from them were super quick (and they only are open 3 days a week). of course depends if you are going thru a major city verse a small town.
    Also to mention, as of a month ago I emailed them to change my address (didn't expect to have this long of a wait, as I was renting) I mentioned it to them when they said 2 years max and was told to simply email the new address when the time came. I am now nervous this will add even more time to my wait.
    Let me know if you have any insight, I may grow old by the time I can reside in Italy.

  12. Hi Rafael! Congrats for your videos I really enjoy it! I just would like to ask you something about working in Italy or in Europe. Well I'm actually Italian but I'm asking for a friend of me, she is from India and is now studying in Switzerland as visiting student. How could she apply for a job in europe? Because I rode about a eu regulation stating that companies has to prove they didn't find out any eu worker available for that job before they can hire a non eu citizen. In this case it would be really hard for her I guess to find a job here. Thank you! Have a nice day!

  13. The medical system can be slightly different depending on the region you are in. In Lazio, I've never had to pay anything for an emergency room visit. I also had my son in the hospital here. All prenatal visits & tests, ultrasounds, etc were covered with the exception of one round of blood tests, but the cost was minimal. Hospital stay for two days when my son was born cost €0. In Lazio, if you make under €7,500 a year you can get a risenzione which would give you a significant-total discount on certain tests. They don't give you tickets here in Lazio you just have a letter from the cittadella, but essentially the risenzione is automatically in the computer system & attached to your Tessera Sanitaria.

  14. Hi Rafael! 14 days free education in the states?… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I'm laughing 😂😂💀💀 $4,000+ yup it's a joke,…. Well ya know haha. I'm loving the videos! Thank you! What is the time difference between Italy and Connecticut?
    I look forward to watching your videos every week! Your awesome 😊

  15. There should most definitely be something about gelato on your pizza, pasta, and amore shirt. Gelato is in my top five list of things I love about Italy. You just can't get it at that same level in the USA.

  16. Dual or multi passports is a privilege that too few have nowadays.
    This is due to the outdated nineteenth-century governance of countries.
    Like it or not, I think that in the near future a wider freedom of movement and residency should be allowed worldwide, if we wanna have further progress and growth.

  17. Just got my appointment at the LA consulate. March of 2022. Just in case anyone was curious of what the current waits are like. I've heard recently they've been bumping up appointments.


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