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Which Countries Sell Citizenship in 2020? Cost and Eligibility Details!

Citizenship is the relationship between an individual and a nation-state whereby the state grants the citizen certain rights, such as the right to vote, work, and own property, and in return, the citizen accepts the responsibility of upholding the laws and customs of that state. Citizenship unites different people under a common identity.

Traditional means of acquiring citizenship and the corresponding passports have been birth, naturalization, and marriage. Naturalization is the process by which a resident of a country can acquire citizenship usually by residing in that country for a certain number of years.

Since 1984 investment in the host country has been another way of acquiring citizenship.


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  2. yes cause everyone has milions of dollars aside to invest please MODERN BRIBE BASICALLY , Citizenship must be earned by working , paying taxes , adding to the economy but not by demanding sky rocketing hundreds thousands of thousands of dollars to BUY the citizenship MASKED as investment . NONSENSE

  3. I would not feel proud of a citizenship that is sold for those who pay a fee, just to get some financial benefit for the citizenship (usually significantly lower taxes), or to escape judicial liabilities, military draft or some other duty in their "old" country, even if they do not intend to permanently live in the new country of citizenship.

    You should either be born into the citizenship, or earn it by living as an integrated member of the society for a long time, paying taxes and meeting other responsibilities of citizens.

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  8. Visa free travel in my opinion isn't the must haves. I mean, how many countries (145?) can one travel.
    To me, most importantly is obtaining a 2nd passport.


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