Home Caribbean and Vanuatu USMLE Step 1 is PASS/FAIL! What No One Else is Saying 🤫

USMLE Step 1 is PASS/FAIL! What No One Else is Saying 🤫

USMLE Step 1 is officially becoming pass fail! Here’s what no one else is saying and how this will actually effect medical students and future doctors moving forward.

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00:25 – The Changes
00:48 – Why is this important?
02:29 – What does this all mean?
06:27 – Wrap up

Med School Insiders video on Step 1 becoming pass/fail:

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  1. Here'a how you solve this problem. Prevent MDs from becoming program directors. They are corrupt and defiled to the core. Power corrupts people. For any fair assessment, we need to implement administrative staff with background in human resources. Not these pompous, arrogant, assholes running the show, asking illegal questions, not letting you clock in, bullying, threatening and abusing residents. I can't wait until AI replaces human doctors. Humans are just despickable creatures. Altruism my ass. most of them go into medicine for the money. why the f would derm be so popular otherwise? because they are passionate about popping pimples?

  2. i know that some imgs taking step 2 ck exam and then plan to take step 1 at 2022, what do you think about this? would you recommend to take step 2 ck exam first for graduated imgs?

  3. Am glad they are changing it to pass fail, because its mostly clinically irrelevant, why do we like to torture our doctors. If something is a poor indicator of what type of doctor you are going to be, then why use it? Its just stupid.

  4. Hey Kevin, I wanted to ask: What if I don't have any research and instead want to go into primary care? Do you think STEP 1 becoming Pass/Fail can serve as a hindrance? Thank you. 🙂

  5. Hey, doc. So do I just need to take the test before 2022 for a 3 digit score, or do I also need to have received my results before 2022? The site does say something, but the phrasing is a bit confusing.

  6. I agree with this change. Like getting 30 biochemistry questions wrong and scoring low will that make you a bad doctor after 6 years when you become an attending physician. FUCK NO it's insignificant. VERY GOOD choice for a very good change USMLE

  7. All I know is as a DO student, I'm now going to have to prep for Step 2 and COMLEX during clinical rotations, instead of having dedicated study time. This only makes my anxiety worse. If they're making one pass/fail, they should make them all pass/fail.

  8. This is not fair to MD physicians like myself where our whole future pretty much depended on our USMLE Step 1 score to get into certain fields of medicine which determined our career and future. If anything USMLE Step 3 should be pass/fail, because most of us had to take this 16 hour board during Residency where we are on call and working 15 hour or longer days with limited time to study. I highly disagree that USMLE Step 1 should be pass/fail and this is probably to accommodate the shortage of doctors. I feel like all of us that had passing as a numerical score got the short end of the stick. I agree with how Step 2 CS should be pass/fail, but not Step 1. If anything make Step 3 pass/fail.

  9. As a German studying in Romania and planning to do step 1 soon I'm very thankful for this video since I didn't even know about this change😂

  10. I think every step should be a pass/fail. The true purpose of these exams is to determine if you have a minimum amount of knowledge to practice medicine or not. Regardless if you pass with a minimum score or a 260+, that means you can practice medicine in the US… so why do need to compete with scores

  11. Hello kevin, I am IMG . I had given my step 1 in 2015 but failed . I had completed my graduation (mbbs) in 2014 . As usmle scores last for 7 years, should i give all steps after 2022 or can i give it now ? Does attempt in step 1 have chances in getting residency in US ? Please answer.

  12. Thanks Dr.Jubbal! I'm an IMG, and based on my timeline I do have a chance to postpone my step 1 until it becomes pass/fail (I could take it anywhere between the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2022..6 year program). However, it makes it closer to my expected step 2 date. Still trying to decide but you've given me something to think about!

  13. the whole USMLE system seems like a confusing mess. I think the USA should adopt an Australian style system, with intermediary "residency" years before applying for specialty trainee positions.


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