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How to get Spanish Residency 2019 খুব সহজেই পেতে পারেন স্পেনের নাগরিকত্ব

What is Arraigo Social in Spain?
After having been in Spain continuously for at least three years, you can access legal residency through social integration.

In other words, if you have been in Spain for 3 continuous years, you could apply for arraigo social and obtain your residency.

The main requirement is to have an offer of a full-time employment contract for at least one year. However, you can also have several part-time pre-contracts, provided they are for the same type of work.

The requirements for this process include:
Having stayed in Spain continuously for three years and not having legal residency at the time of application.
Criminal record certificate from your country of origin or countries where you have resided during the last 5 years (duly legalized and translated where appropriate) and lack of criminal records in Spain.
Having family ties with other foreign residents, as long as they are parents, children or spouse/domestic partner with legal residency. In the case of not having direct family members with legal residency, a report must be presented proving sufficient social integration in Spain.
This report is prepared by a local corporation authorized by the Autonomous Community where you are. For this report you will be required to attend a talk called “Know your laws” (“Conoce tus leyes”) where you will be introduced to the Spanish legal system, your rights and duties as a foreign citizen.

The steps are as follows: You have to attend the know your rights talk, get a certificate that shows that you attended the talk, then you have to request the ¨entrevista de informe de arraigo social¨ and once you finish that you will receive the report that either approves or denies your arraigo social.

How do they make their decision to approve or deny the application?
In order for them to make a decision you need to provide all the documentation required and they will review it and make their decision.

The documentation required is:
1- Solicitud de informe + your paid tasa.

2- Passport.

3- Empadronamiento (your registration of your address).

4- The conoce tus leyes certificate.

5- Job offer (contract: remember at least one year and full time offer)

6- Copy of employer´s DNI/NIF.


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  7. Vai, vallagsa upner suggestions gula,
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