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Austria: The long road to citizenship | European Journal

The rules on gaining Austrian citizenship are among the toughest in Europe. Anyone wanting to become Austrian, for example, needs to speak good German and engage in voluntary work.
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  1. I wonder what the situation is now, especially with all the illegal immigrants/ asylum seekers streaming in since 2015. On a different note, I hope the person in the video has got his citizenship already and is living a chill life, since this was published in 2013 and it has been seven years since then.

  2. He cannot leave the country within ten years???? Something is wrong here.
    What is his immigration status?
    Has his passport expired?
    Since he's married an Austrian citizen he's should be granted stay in a shorter period of time 3-5 years

  3. Austria isn't an immigration country. Our economy, doesn't rely on foreigners coming to work in Austria, maybe except the pharma industry.

    We don't want "Multi Kulti". It's a word for many different cultures in one country. People have to be fully integrated and must speak German almost perfectly when they want to apply for a citizenship.

    An exception is someone who got political asylum. Those people only have to wait five years and don't have to reach the same high level of german skills as other applicants.

  4. Nonsense! Many immigrants even receive nationality without knowing the language well and in any case 90% of the immigrants, even second generation, speak their language and speak only German (and badly) only if forced to school, work or an office in apply for subsidies (unemployment etc)

  5. The insanity knows no bounds in Europe. They are sponsoring left media to nurture the acceptance of African and Arab immigrants. Immigrants that do not come to Europe to live in peace and adapt, but to take advantage. And it cannot be stopped, because of the many left European parties that used to have a purpose 50 years ago

  6. You have to be an Austrian citizen to sing at the Vienna State Opera. That is why his citizenship is such a critical issue for this singer. One's voice doesn't last forever. Considering his wife and child are Austrian citizens, I think the Austrian government is being very cruel to this family.

  7. Hau, this is funny. As an American with a high-paying job and a good command of German, I could never have become an austrian citizen, and yet thousand upon thousand of human scum bringing drugs, rape, and jihad marched into austria last night in a hoard completely unopposed.

  8. Great videos! Do you have a sister channel that doesnt have the German interviews dubbed to English? I would love to watch your videos with the original german and not a translation

  9. The Austrian Constitutional Court has recently ruled that it is unconstitutional, when people get their full rights of citizenship only through income. Money and integration have nothing to do with each other!

    This man has lived in Austria for 23 years (!!!) now and is not allowed to receive the Austrian citizenship, solely because he does not earn enough money: youtube (.) com/watch?v=GJDKegMMfgA

    This law is absurd! If this man is not fully integrated, who is?

  10. "Latinos" are not only the ones who speak Spanish. They also speak Italian, French and Portuguese. These languages come from the same family: The Latin language. But if you want to refer to the ones whose language is Spanish, then only refer to us as Hispanics. And no person is "illegal", they are undocumented. And I really hate the term: " illegal aliens" like if we, immigrants, came from another planet. We are not aliens, we are people like everybody else.

  11. I waited five years to become a US citizen, a short time compared to Austria. As an immigrant, I have to learn English to be fully integrated into American society. Now, I have dual citizenship: my native country and American.
    I heard of many people who lived in the U.S for years and they never learn the language.

  12. It's a good thing to make immigrants integrate to the society. But why do they need such a long time and strict procedures. If they could see a clear and faster path to the citizenship they'd be more encouraged to integrate.


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