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US Elections |H-1B Visas to Green Cards: What Joe Biden’s Policy Document Has for Indians in US

The Quint’s 360° coverage of US Presidential Elections 2020 | On the occasion of India’s 74th Independence Day, Democratic presidential candidate #JoeBiden hosted a ‘South Asians for Biden’ event and released a major policy document for Indian-Americans and India in general. Biden is about to go head to head with Republican incumbent Donald Trump this November.

#KamalaHarris #USElections2020

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  1. DO NOT BELIEVE. This nonsense we are hearing every year. Every year ( Indians bribe??) senator Mike Lee to bring this bill to US Senate. Every year at least one senator was smart enough to block this bill. This time it is up to senator Rick Scott to block this bill.

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    How do we stop this economic terrorism from India?

  3. I don't know who you are, Indians should never vote to democratic party and Kamala Harris. Both of them are ready to eat and drink Poo and Pee for Votes. Their view against India is very negative and they are full of hatred against India and Indians. So no Indian should vote to Joe or Kamala. Country first than H1B, GC or Citizenship.

  4. Last time, many Indians voted Trump in the US… Now Joe Biden also speaks in favor of Indians. Why does it seem to me like Indians are used as vote banks in American elections??


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