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Living Expenses in Grenada | How Much Does It Cost To Live in Grenada? Nezzle Talk Ep. 16

In today’s video, I give you an overview of the average living expenses of someone living in Grenada. Many people have asked me how much it costs to live in Grenada and so, I hope this video will be helpful and provide a bit of guidance in your decision making. I provide details on expenses such as electricity, water, internet, groceries, transportation and cooking gas. However, please note that (as stated in the video), a very small sample sized was used for this video so the figures provided in this video may or may not be representative of your potential spending in Grenada.

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  1. Great video, very informative. Is medical aid and personal insurance available and the costing on that? How much does an average car cost to buy? Keep up the good work. I'm looking at moving to Grenada in about 12 to 24 months from South Africa. Might need to hire you as my personal tour guide 🙂

  2. I’d like to have 2 mil before moving to Grenada. My goal is to help many people rebuild their tin roofs. If you’ve never been to Grenada you may not know of the crisis. Many people can not even afford to rebuild their broken and unsafe homes for their kids. That’s where I come in and help as much as I can.

  3. Living in the UK for almost a year now studying yes u can get things like non dairy milk and cereal cheaper here most food items including eating out to restaurants and stuff is basically same when u do conversions daily transport is more expensive than Daily transport in Grenada etc

  4. I am going to spend 2-3 months there. This was helpful. I think my rent is going to be on the high side compared to locals rent. It is a newly built apartment. I would rather patronize the small business owner and not the hotel industry. I also watched your walking tour today but could not see where to leave comment. Thanks for the grocery store trip, I have questions after not being able to see prices. With we could talk.

  5. Very informative but most people on the island was educated to get a job, and build a house, instead of getting a job to build a business, and then let the business build the house…2021 i will be back.

  6. So excited to come accross this channel. I live in Wales, my dads family moved to UK in the 60s from Grenada, still have close family living there including one of my dads brothers. It’s been years since I busted but would love to soon, looking forward to browsing some of your videos❤️

  7. I was going to Move back to Grenada once I finished College but I Rather Just Live my Life and start my family in America. People still use Latrines in my Part of Grenada, My People Work Hard n Still very Poor. Our Leadership just Sell St.Georges n Don't care enough to Put up Street Lights or Pave Roads. I'll just get Visa's for the Fam n build my Businesses in America.

  8. You said Greneda has a population of 100 000 only , thats too small , its like the population of a small town in Kenya , Kenya has 48 Million people , its like every body know everybody there ??

  9. Hey Nezzle, sorry I have been out of touch with the comments due to the fact I have a lot going on at the moment. Love all your videos. I don’t live in the Caribbean and have no concept about cost especially for people that are unemployed or have smaller incomes. But it’s is quite reasonable for me, since I live in probably the most expensive state. Anyway, just reminding you of your patron page or ways we can support you to build your platform. If not, is there a way to contact you via email. I was excited to see that god blessed you with a drone. However your tax was something that didn’t quite make sense to me. Keep up the fantastic job and know that you can have anything you want because grace is with you always.

  10. Hi,its a nice general breakdown of living expenses in Grenada, but the the price of imported items will be more expensive, I was amazed at how much you had to pay for the drone which was a gift from one of your subscribers. I think its absolutely disgusting….and this is happening all over the islands……super powers in play🙏✌


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