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Ireland entrepreneur visa in 2020 ✅️ HOW TO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS | (€50,000 pathway)

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Hi, this series is about investor visas and entrepreneur visas for Ireland.

In this video I explain in this diagram how you can invest €50,000 euros of your own money in your own business, whether you are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or elsewhere, to get permanent residence and Irish citizenship for you and your family after 5 years through the start-up entrepreneur programme for Ireland. We will look at a real case study to show how you how applying for Irish citizenship (and Irish dual citizenship) works.

The purpose of the Start-up Entrepreneur visa in Ireland is to let you and your family get residency status in Ireland through setting up a so-called high-potential start up business.

You can apply by yourself, or with your family. This is an easy citizenship for pakistani people and other applicants who can suffer high refusal rates in many jurisdictions.

The benefits of Ireland include a Corporate tax rate of 12.5% for an active business.

You and your family will be granted residence in Ireland for two years, which is renewable for a further three years. After 5 years’ residence you will be eligible for long term residence in Ireland. As for Irish passport eligibility, you can then apply for Irish citizenship, and become EU citizens.

Ireland visa application:

As for the entrepreneur and investor visa requirements in Ireland:

You need €50,000 to invest. This can be:

Your own money

A business loan

Business Angel funding

Venture Capital funding or

a grant from an Irish State Agency

If you have business partners who also want residency under the program, then they only need to demonstrate access to €30,000 each to qualify.

As for the type of business for your start-up in Ireland:

Your business idea needs to be of the right kind.

This means it must offer goods or services which:

are new or innovative

pitched to international markets

It must also be:

capable of creating 10 jobs in Ireland

capable of achieving €1 million in sales within three to four years of starting up

led by an experienced management team

headquartered and controlled in Ireland

Less than six years old.

Let’s use the example of Kabir, who is a citizen of Pakistan and wants Irish dual citizenship.

He has €50,000 of his own funds, to invest in the business.

1. He completes the application form;

2. We send it to the Evaluation Committee for review. The application succeeds in his Irish immigration application, and the Evaluation Committee informs the Minister for Justice and Equality that the proposal is acceptable under the Irish visa programme.

3. In light of the successful application, he transfers the €50,000 an Irish bank. It must be a financial institution regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

4. He submits an affidavit confirming that he and his wife have no criminal convictions and are of good character.

5. He and his family are then granted residency permission for Ireland.

6. This lasts for 2 years.

7. In those 2 years, he commences his start-up in Ireland and continues in business.

8. He then applies for renewal of his Irish residency permission.

9. The viability and success of the business is assessed again by the Evaluation Committee.

10. It is confirmed by the Evaluation committee that the Irish start-up continues to be viable.

11. His Irish residency permission is granted for a further 3 years.

12. At the 5th year, he is granted long-term residency, and he and his family apply for Irish citizenship. Their applications are granted. They are now EU citizens (relatively easy citizenship for Pakistani’s and others), and have free movement within Europe. They also have free movement to the United Kingdom, as Ireland is part of the Common Travel Area. If you want to learn about an Ireland visa application from Pakistan or elsewhere, please contact me for Irish dual citizenship assessments.

Becoming an Irish citizen presents incredible opportunities for those from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, among other countries.
The benefits of Irish citizenship are extensive:

1. Free movement within the EU (Ireland is a committed member of the EU)

2. Free movement between Ireland and the UK

Irish dual citizenship opens up many possibilities.

The briefing in this video provides a brief overview only and is not (and is not a substitute for) legal or tax advice. Expert, tailored legal, commercial, immigration and tax advice should be taken which takes into account your particular circumstances. Always take legal advice on your individual circumstances.


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