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Best Places to Form an Offshore Company

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. I am an European resident in Cambodia which doesn't charge income tax.
    I am interested in opening an off shore company to receive payments for royalties (for some trademarks that i own) and commissions (i do some logistics and i act as a broker in some business deal) the company would probably not get receive more than 100k usd each year.
    I am a one man show.
    So i am looking for a tax haven that allows me to open a bank account and every so often T/T some money to my private account in Cambodia.

    Less tax is best and the ongoing cost should not be high since I make quite little. USD account a must if they also take euros also good.

    Since I left europe as a teenager i do not have anything to care about from there.

    One thing i can offer is cambodia nationality if someone wants it. You can even get a new name (your name in local language) which apparently can be very useful in some situations. Unfortunately it's expensive since the last couple of years but it's fast (30 days) and safe (money in escrow until all it's done).

  2. Thank you Michael for your informative video and for the useful content, I am happy to reach to you through email for further information,could you please provide me with you email address.
    Thank you once again and keep it up.

  3. Would you recommend Cayman Islands for my business ideas?

    I'm from Sweden and I plan to open 3 different businesses:
    1. Software and web development: I will be selling virtual goods (apps, websites, etc.) as a consultant to other businesses across the globe. Customers will be charged in USD.

    2. Webshop: I will be selling clothing goods through a Shopify store (t-shirts, hats, etc.). A drop-shipping business plan, where the manufacturer is located in USA. All the customers are global. Customers will be charged in USD.

    3. YouTube! I plan on making a YouTube channel where I will make travel videos. Since I am Swedish and have access to visa-on-arrival in most of the world, I plan to make a lot of traveling. I plan to travel between countries on a tourist visa. Let's say 30 days in Indonesia, 30 in Thailand, 14 in Vietnam, and just continue doing that. I will still be a Swedish citizen – but since I have been outside of the country for over a year, I am not obligated to pay any taxes here. I'm still a resident of Sweden though – but travel around on a tourist visa.

    So I have been looking into Cayman Islands, because it seems they offer non-residents to setup businesses there. And I also took a look at the Cayman National Bank website and they offer non-resident bank accounts (both personal and business) in multiple currencies. I would pick USD as my currency for my businesses and USD for my bank as well, which would mean there is no exchange rates I need to worry about.

    I plan to mainly reside in South-East Asia for many years to come. Like I said; traveling around on my tourist visa. And run my businesses online independently. Any tips?

    I want to pay as little tax as possible. Legally.
    I'm used to the high taxes of Sweden (35%) so I am really trying to get away of this hell hole.

    Awesome video by the way, I truly appreciate you taking your time making these types of videos!

  4. Hello i an also Михаил Михайлов. And i am from Bulgaria also. But traveling now the world on a sailboat. I have experience in Bulgarian company ООД. I am now witout Adresse living in my boat. How now to register a company and where is the best country. And what will be posible.

  5. Is Seychelles safe to hold your money in ? Just for personal shopping and traveling, real estate buying etc…no trade business whatsoever…seems like a good place for it, don't you think? Ps : i don't have a western citizenship

  6. WTF, just a thousand subscribers? Your content is worth a lot and people prefer to see crap on youtube hahah
    I think about opening a micro services company online, what would be the top 3 best offshore countries for that? but I don't like paperwork ..


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