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Which Countries Sell Citizenship?

When Can You Be Stripped Of Your Citizenship?
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A person can gain citizenship by birth, marriage, employment, or in some cases by check. So where can you buy citizenship?

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Caribbean News Now: Dominica’s citizenship programme main source of FDI, officials say

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  1. I got my second passport via mr adrian… was skeptical until it got delivered to me but wasn't still sure of the authenticity until i used it to get here in texas USA
    I think he is just the best
    You cant get him through +1 914 249 9857

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  3. So how exactly would St. Kitts or Dominican citizenship help wealthy Americans given that the US taxes their citizens of entire worldwide income irrespective of where they live? Businesses can register their headquarters in offshore zones, but it most often doesn't require to be a citizen of these countries.

    Even for countries like Canada, that don't tax their non-resident citizens, you would have to reside in these small island nations to enjoy the benefits of low tax rates.


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