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The Benefits of Dual Citizenship

Should you become a dual citizen? What are the benefits?

The way we see it at Nomad Capitalist is that it could be a great backup plan, even if you are not planning on moving or working somewhere else because it’s always important to have numerous options to choose from.

Having dual citizenship is a great financial strategy for tax reduction and offshore investments, as well as for taking advantage of social services in, e.g. Europe or Canada.

Also, holding a second passport may give you more freedom to travel and an opportunity to live in some other place, occasionally or full-time.

So, start building your global citizenship portfolio and enjoy all the benefits of being a dual citizen.



Andrew Henderson is the world’s most sought-after consultant on legal offshore tax reduction, investment immigration, and global citizenship. He works exclusively with six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to “go where they’re treated best”.

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Andrew has spent the last 11 years studying and personally implementing the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle, and has started offshore companies, opened offshore bank accounts, obtained multiple second passports, and purchased real estate in a total of 20 countries.

He has also spent years creating a behavior-based system that helps people get the results they want faster and with less resistance. Andrew believes that everyone can use offshore strategies to keep more of their own money, live a life of freedom, and grow their wealth faster.

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DISCLAIMER: The information in this video should not be considered tax, financial, investment, or any kind of professional advice. Only a professional diagnosis of your specific situation can determine which strategies are appropriate for your needs. Nomad Capitalist can and does not provide advice unless/until engaged by you.


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  1. Does Having Citizenship in EU non nato country like Austria a central/Western European country with Asean member like Thailand fluent in English(Native understanding) and Thai with German at working/university studying but not fully native like understanding minor nuances like idioms or some double/triple meaning jokes. A advantage for a young adult male (19/20yr). I'm looking to study in a field that would be best for my future. Any Recommendation?. Currently living on and off between Graz, Austria and Bangkok,Thailand but there is no long term employment/career path in Austria and in Bangkok the wage was just not going to ever make it with under 1000$ if super lucky with connection which I don't have. I'm quite stuck now without knowing what to pursuit for my future. There seem to be no future as of right now here in Thailand but my Thai citizenship and passport could be important once ASEAN is more prominant in 15-20year which aren't really helping in current time. it's quite tough now as I saw myself being left behind with all the social movement leaving me out, I imagine if all the qualiification is the same a female or a black/arabs male would get a better opportunities than Half White Half Asian Male. As the "social movement" seem to demand more representation of these group and living people like me behind. My future is bleak. This is my drunking rants but if anyone come across this any reply without animosity/insulting reply would really helps.

  2. You say you’re not that way but you need to be. Have you served your country? Do you have any idea what sovereignty means and what dual citizenship puts us at risk for? Stop your stupid talk and be a patriot.

  3. Benefits? You mean how el chapos wife can easily cross borders to make huge deals with nancy pelosi for drugs? I haven’t a clue if nancy has anything to do with drug trafficking but it most certainly appears as if she does. Close our borders. Take away all dual citizenship.

  4. This is definitely something that I've pondered over for quite some time. I am a UK Citizen living in France and I have done so for the past 16 years (since I was 11) and up until recently I have never been interested in dual citizenship. Nowadays I have permanent residency status and I am definitely debating on whether or not I should apply for naturalisation but the French bureaucracy and endless hoops to jump through are putting me off big time.

  5. As Australian citizens we thought until very recently that ease of travel and getting let back into our own country would never be an issue – how times have changed! Definitely feeling the need for a backup option!

  6. Andrew, what's your take on second citizenships for West Africans? Getting a second citizenship from a Tier A or Tier B or Tier C country?
    Especially when one is looking for a way to manage taxes and enjoy visa-free travels.

  7. I would like a backup plan because I don't t like the politics in Canada not do I trust the so called leader and nomad would be something I might like. I have travelled and I like exploring other places.

  8. Hmm i have to question ones loyalty when it comes to dual citizenships………i see a lot of comment stating that it is convenient…yeah…when it comes to health care….use that citizenship to get health care and then head back home….that is a drain on the host country.

  9. All of this make perfect sense, Andrew. It's the greatest thing to have the Global National Citizenship for not only for competitors but for the Country they want to create the best company for the #1 Citizenship and Naturalization in the world. Thanks man.👍🎖🏆🌎

  10. I was born in Mexico to American parents. We returned to the US when I was 3 years old. Now I’m 66 years old & retired. For years I’ve wanted to travel around Mexico, possibly purchase property there. I just learned that Mexico still considers me to be a Mexican citizen. I’m now in the process of obtaining a Mexican passport. And yes, my plans are partially motivated by my miss trust of Trump. My wife has a similar situation with Brazil, however we have traveled there several times, the over population & pollution has discouraged us from wanting to take up residence there.

  11. I'm a 4th year medical school student living in Mexico City, Mexico originally from San Francisco, CA. I have dual citizenship being US and Mexico it helps go through immigration so much quicker than if I only had one because when I am done with my classes in Mexico, usually go to the States to see my family. So it's helps and even saved my behind once because I said I was a student using my American passport like a dummy then they said student visa application form. I didn't have one because I'm a dual citizen. I almost got kicked out of Mexico but I was able to quickly revealed my Mexican passport from my backpack and got to pass though and saved my behind. Because weeks, I had a feeling to bring both but just use one and then asked my dad for a second opinion he told me the same I was feeling I need to do. Oh did it save my behind.

  12. I was born in the UK (my mom is British and my dad is American) I lived there for a few months any my mom and I came back to America. I’ve lived in America for 21 years as a US citizen. What would the process be if I were to move back to the UK? I genuinely don’t know what that would look like because everything I’ve read online is confusing

  13. I had no choice in dual citizenship, my parents changed their citizenship after my birth but before I was an adult, so I got that one automatically. So here I am, both Belgian and German, no clue what this gives me… but I just have it.

  14. I've watched a few of your videos and understand your thinking around US tax laws in particular global tax laws and renouncing US citizenship vs finding tax havens. I'm not yet ready to move to a tax haven but I have an opportunity to move to the US as a PR. I'm an Australian citizen so a US green card only gives me a few extra minor benefits with travel – Phillipines is visa free and a few other minor differences. However, it will give me more work opportunities and ability to live in a tax or low tax state i.e Texas, Nevada etc. Of course there are different taxes re income, property etc and I have to weigh those up with regard to choosing where I'll live. I'm a basic wage/salary earner atm with a growing cryptocurrency portfolio. When I do work in Australia, which isn't often lately I pay extortionate tax, the cost of living is increasing phenomenally, I'm wedged out of the property market. So while the basis of your videos is looking outside and offshore the USA can you see any tax benefits for some Westerners in moving to the US? If you haven't already addressed the topic, I'd be interested in learning about tax havens for crypto investors. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  15. For me, I am a New Zealand citizen, and would like to also become a dual citizen with the United States. My boyfriend lives in America, and I do plan on marrying him, so when that does come about, I will definitely apply to get a dual citizenship for travelling back and forth, plus it is a backup incase the relationship goes south, meaning I can return back to NZ


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