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Student Life at AUA | Top Caribbean Medical School

In this video, students speak about their experiences and the amenities offered on campus while pursuing their degree in medicine at the AUA.

Student 1: “I love going here. I love my classmates, all of the staff and the culture that you experience here is amazing.”

Student 2: “I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a plethora of clubs including student government and the educational enhancement department in which I’ve been teaching and tutoring, which has further strengthened my education. And I’ve been a part of the medical fraternity which has been able to actually provide community service and funds towards local community members in need.”

Student 3: “There’s a great grocery store, there’s a movie theatre. If I have any free time I go to English Harbor which is a really nice area and with a lot of restaurants and just pretty views.”

Student 4: “The last weekend before we actually started class our school did an excursion, you had like 4 different options. We signed up to do a stingray excursion. So we got to swim with stingrays and we have to speed them and hold them and like do some snorkelling. So that was great stuff, probably our best memory together and I think we’re probably going to do it again.”

The video further showcases the experiences of students studying at the AUA, one of the top Caribbean medical schools.

The American University of Antigua campus offers its students a plethora of options for recreation, fitness, and sports. The Jabberwock beach, a mile away from campus, is a favourite among students who want to unwind or study in a quiet environment. The campus also has an amphitheater, courtyard, health clinic, and a food court. The Education Enhancement Department and the Counselling services are dedicated to ensuring student welfare.
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