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Life in St Kitts & Nevis

This video talks a little bit about the differences between St Kitts & Nevis islands and life on the island. Some of the popular areas for expats to come and live in Nevis are Oualie beach, Jessups and Golden Rock Area. In St Kitts, many expats choose the Frigate Bay Area.

St Kitts & Nevis is a small country that is naturally beautiful and the people are friendly. There is no personal income tax in the country and the country is pro business.

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  1. Thanks for our video, I've been thinking a lot about moving back the Caribbean and wondering which island would be a good option. I thinks its definitely worth checking out St Kitts now

  2. Are you familiar with the property management situation there? A video about that with maybe a recommended management company would be awesome. Especially if focused on the 400k full ownership option vs the condo association stuff.

    Thanks. (And if a quick reply is all that needs them that’s good too. Will check back soon👍🏻)

  3. Is St. Kitts and Nevis good for families with school age children? How would you describe the education and health systems? I tried to find international schools. I found only one and the pictures do not seem encouraging. The building seems worn out. Is this country safe?

  4. Thanks for sharing your insights into life in St. Kitts & Nevis. I would also be interested in a video on the median cost of living if you were to make one.

    I also have a bit of an obscure question for you. If I was to obtain citizenship by investment for St. Kitts & Nevis (I'm also open to CBI for Antigua and Barbuda) and my partner couldn't obtain a St. Kitts & Nevis dual citizenship due to her current European nationality not allowing it, and her not wanting to renounce her current citizenship. Is it possible for her to obtain some type of temporary or permanent residency visa, in order for us to relocate and reside in one of the respective islands? Assuming we were to meet all of the government requirements, whatever they may be.

  5. How hot does it get during the summer? Is the heat bearable?
    They say Caribbean countries are not good places to live. It is good to get a 2nd citizenship from those countries and live in other countries. Do you agree?

  6. So beautiful 😍 must even more beautiful walking the the beach at night under the heavenly stars 🌟 I am a single man by the way what's the dating scene like there? Is there a good place to meet some one ?

  7. Jen, Was it difficult for you to be accepted as an "immigrant?" Are you a member of any organizations, e.g. Rotary? Does Nevis have a nice library? Performance arts center? What is the legal community/young professionals there like? Is there a bar association? Are you a member? Are you active in it? What is the ex-pat community like? How much interaction do you have with the "native' community. Thank you for this interesting video, and congratulations on your career; you were brave to move to this somewhat remote place. You are the Christopher Columbus of "Citizenship by Investment."


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