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Investor Visas: Residence Permits/Citizenship for Investors

This video looks at the basics of investor visas from their historical background to why we see them today and attitudes towards them. We then go into some famous examples of investor visas and differences between them.

0:00 Introduction and Overview
1:38 Historical Background
3:08 Attitudes Toward Investor Visas
6:05 Why Apply for an Investor Visa?
7:48 Example: St. Kitts & Nevis
9:43 Example: Malta
11:55 Example: USA
14:08 Example: Portugal
17:00 Wrap-up

* Thank you to Kevin O’Dell for helpful assistance on this video

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm understanding the expense and complexity of an investor visa. I would like a longer term visa to be able to travel and live in France, for instance, and travel freely in the Schengen Zone…but not work. I'm an American citizen (Already have easy visa-free access to most countries) and work seasonally in the US. It seems that a year-by-year residency Visa in France is not so difficult to get…is my research on a Golden Visa complicating the matter for what will probably morph into a retirement-visa scenario within the next ten years or so? If I were interested in a path to citizenship, are the investor contributions simply a replacement for in-country residency requirements? Thanks…..

  2. Yes. I agree that countries should create and maintain this kind of VISA program.

    But, we have to consider that it would be (it is) a tought task for the countries to controll
    the big ammount of money involved on the application processes: who deserve it and who don't;
    essencially if they take in account things like social integration, the sense of belonging on the host country and stuffs like that.


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