This video is about how long can a green card holder stay outside of the us. This is a question most of green card holder ask themselves if they are planning to travel abroad. In this video I talk about the time a permanent resident card holder is allowed to stay outside the country. I hope you learn something from this video and thanks for watching.


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  1. Hello Bro im Nacer From Algeria and i have muy grteen card and i wetnt you USA MY FIRST TRAVEL IN 2014 SO AND THAN I COME BAKE to Algeria from 5/5/2015 to now
    so i had married and have 2 dauthers i cant go to usa because i had bas situation and all this cant let me go
    now i gavce mly devorce papers and have proof of birthday of my dauthers

    you know 5 yearts outsid of USA
    i wanna asking you
    pls whats solution in this Situation

    so there is more peoples told me more thing
    they told can go by JFK and show them proof only
    other man told me ( my dad stayed more than 5 years and come to usa normly )

    So you must to nkow Mr Brother that wwhen i go outside of usa i didnt now that i must to aply about reentry permit travel document before and i didnt know that i will not come to usa all this 5 years
    just my situation becole bad and didnt knbow will be lkike that
    i dont havce idea so
    thanks and i wanna contat you directly if you can to help me
    my whatsap app number 00213553450807
    thanks Bro

  2. Hello everyone,. Hi USA monde how are I want to ask about my husband he is now here in the Philippines taking bacation and he is green card holder or permanent address. Is there a problem if he comeback to the US after 6 months??thanks and godbless.

  3. Hello Good day! Im at U.S right now live in maryland. Im going to philippines for a 1 month vacation. If i come back here in u.s.a i just need my greencard for re entry right? Thank you.

  4. Hi! I have a question please. I'm a green card holder and I'm USA abroad from 26 April and I'm planning to come back on 23 Oct.
    I'm married to an American citizen and he is in the USA.
    Did I lost my green card? Do American authority consider my absence as an abondon of my green card.
    Thank you.

  5. I have been approved green card and I would be entering the US in 20 November for about 2 months, so my stay of 183 days in year would be counted as 60 days stayed or it will be counted as 15 days for 183 days of year 2020 ?

  6. My god i had no idea i am a US greencard holder who is in thr Philippines since june 2018 almost 9 months here, but returning on march 2nd 2019 so before 1 full year do i need reentry visa?

  7. It used to be alright for green card holders to travel outside the US for just a little less than six months. Note, times are changing. However, you had better notice that if you have in mind to become a citizen, then the more you keep travelling outside the US and staying for periods of times, the more you are portraying that your interest in this country is divided. You are neither here nor there. It is just common sense to exercise caution. During the interview of your prospective US citizenship, you may be asked why did you travel so often oribabky nit si directly, and then obviously if you travelled because you are business person or any other reason, you had better have your tax matters in order before presenting your case. There is no immigration law that states that you should not travel as a green card holder. But what impression are you creating everytime you appear at the arrivals, that your intetest is elsewhere. Guess what your time to see the door out of the US is looming at the corner.
    Just keep in good books.
    Do you renember the tale of hyena who was travelled walking. At one point he reached a place where the road had split into two. He wondered which road to follow. He decided to follow both ways. So he put two legs on one road and the other two on the other. as the gap between the two roads widened, guess what happened. His body split into parts and of course he died. You may not die but you will loose one country or the other. It is as simple as that.

  8. I lived outside the USA for 5 years.. I didn't know that I have to apply for such permit 🙁 and now I am planning to go back to US what is do I have to do? If you can please advise me.thanks

  9. Hi USAMONDE My name is Ace and this next year my dad and me planed to travel in the Philippines and I plan to stay in the Philippines forever because my mom And my brother are living in the Philippines what can I do to stay forever in the Philippines

  10. Hello USA Monde, I was a 3rd year student in the Philippines then just this summer, we migrated here. And now, I got my green card. But I've been planning to continue my study in the Philippines. Is it okay if I stay there and study for less than a year before going back here for maybe 2 weeks or so next summer. (I still have 2 years left in my college there)

  11. Hi USA Monde , Thanks for this informative video..It was clear for me. But I want to discuss my problem with you.. I am a greencard holder.. and My native country is India..I m planning to do my bachelors there..which is of 4 years. I need a 2 year re entry permit very necessarily.. How long the procedure would be? and according to your knowledge..what are my chances to get the permit?

  12. Hello, am in Kenya, a student from Somalia, my dad is in U.S legal immigrant who lived and worked 10+ in the U.S but he's trying to get his citizenship now, he applied it a year before but he ain't get it yet… do you think he can sponsor me to join him in the U.S? or he has to wait till he gets his citizenship?

  13. hello Usa Monde
    i have question?
    if your finance take the green card on the behalf of his mother claim. her mother is in america now
    so if she marriage out side the america like india, pakistan
    then how much take time to take her spouse to america on he behalf of marriage
    just tell easy way as soon as possible


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