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EB5 Investor Visa

In return for putting resources into qualified U.S. organizations, EB-5 speculators get transitory residency visas for themselves and their close relatives. Endless supply of the predetermined necessities, they get lasting “green cards” that qualifies them for live, work, and go inside, and to and from, the United States of America openly.

EB-5 visa holders are additionally allowed to apply to American schools and colleges, and if acknowledged, they pay just the educational cost that is altogether not as much as the remote understudy educational cost – infrequently as meager as 25% to half of the customary expenses for outside nationals. As a green card holder, you will likewise be qualified for in-state educational cost charge.

The EB-5 program depends on interest in effective U.S. organizations that can make employments and return benefits to the financial specialists. Notwithstanding different advantages of an EB-5 visa, speculators have a chance to take an interest in financial development and advancement in America and to receive the benefits. SeaLink Venture brings the best of both universes – sound and reasonable speculations where you can possess some portion of the American Dream and decision areas that incorporate urban communities, for example, San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Philadelphia, and New York.


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