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6 EASIEST Countries Where Getting Citizenship is very easy for INDIAN.भारतीय के लिए आसान नागरिक सेवा

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6 EASIEST Countries Where Getting Citizenship is very easy for INDIAN.भारतीय के लिए आसान नागरिक सेवा

6 Countries Where Indians Easily Get Citizenship
1. Macedonia
Macedonia a stunningly beautiful country in located in Eastern Europe among the Balkan States. Being in the temperate zone, Macedonia enjoys natural wonders like evergreen woods and pristine rivers snaking through mountains. Macedonia features in the list of countries where Indians easily get citizenship as one can invest US $400,000 in a local business there and employ minimum 10 people for citizenship eligibility. The best part is it just takes 1 year for Citizenship. Also, a Macedonian citizenship means freely travelling to European Schengen Countries and enjoying a flat tax rate of 10% only!
2. Dominican Republic
This charming little island nation lies bang in the middle of the Caribbean. It’s a holiday maker’s paradise destination with white sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean waters. Also, Dominican Republic has tons of tourism opportunities, and invites entrepreneurs to the country promising full citizenship. With $200,000 in business or real estate investments and a 2 year time frame, Dominican Republic enters the list of countries where Indians easily get citizenship.
3. Russia
In Russia, the process of obtaining a Citizenship is fairly straightforward. You must reside there for 3 years and pay taxes to the state, learn and pass the Russian language test. That is all that takes. Covering 1/8th of the total world’s land surface, Russia is a behemoth that offers a lifetime of exploring opportunities for the avid traveler.
4. Serbia
Serbia is a small picturesque country located in the Balkan region of Europe. With many natural wonders adorning this small nation, it’s a treat for travellers. Its location is economically and strategically important as Serbia lies in the middle, sharing its borders with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Romania. Indians easily get citizenship in Serbia for a sum total of US $1,32,500 as investment in the government development fund.
5. Ecuador
Ecuador joins countries where Indians easily get citizenship due to their citizenship by investment programme. It’s a small but developing country in the top west coast of South America having immense tourism and economic potential. Indians can easily obtain a citizenship there by investing in a CD offered by a bank in Ecuador for US $25,000. Following this, you’d have to stay there for 3 years before you are eligible for citizenship. An Ecuadorian Passport guarantees visa-free travel to around 80 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe!
6. Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean also offers citizenship on the basis of investment. To become a citizen one would simply need to invest minimum US $4,00,000 in real estate or give an one time non-refundable donation of US$ 2,00,000. What benefits does a citizenship there offer? It’s the Caribbean! You get to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches that you can find on Earth! What more could soothe one’s soul than waking up to such a spectacular view?


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  2. May I know what is the meaning of "easy" to you?! You might be a family member of Ambani, otherwise, not even a STARK MAD person would say 400,000 USD investment is an "EASY" way!!! First, find the definition of 'EASY', then think about making a video. And your English… it's honestly HORRIBLE. I would give minus 10, if would be possible.

  3. Arora punjabi aap india me sharnarthi hain aap ko politics me jagah milegi nahi agar hariyana me c m bana to yaha unka virodh karne ke liye pehle to punjabi hinduo ki dukano par todh fodh kari gayi ab kissan andolan ke naam par special virodh ho raha hai to sabhi arora immigeration kar

  4. Who the hell wants to go to these countries except Russia⁉️(Language fluency extremely difficult)
    Stop wasting your and others time by posting irrelevant and good for nothing videos. Can you tell how many Indians took citizenship of these countries in last 5 yrs⁉️ Answer – Negligible. Moreover, every country needs sufficient funds and good job to offer there citizenship.


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