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$500k investment in USA for a green card

Buying green cards, or investing in American businesses? CNN’s Deb Feyerick reports on the EB5 program.


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  8. USA is not what you might think by looking at some movies and famous people. USA is very banal, and some good people are everywhere in the world. Equality should be worthy peoples game, not like America where everyone tries to be dumbly abusive and disconnected.

  9. $500,000 is a cheap price for a visa for people coming from countries where their currency is worth less than the U.S. dollar? Go stick it somewhere grandpa. I don't agree with people who enter this country illegally and work under the table without the government's cut that every other US citizen has to pay then receive free benefits like SNAP/WIC. BUT I do agree with it when they are willing to contribute to the United States and don't take what isn't there's. Let's be honest here, if we deported all the US Citizens that don't work or contribute to society and then brought in people from poor countries willing to work legally, our economy would be 10x better off. We eliminate undeeded govt spending for those that just choose not to work for whatever petty reason and replace it with people willing to work for what they need not relying on those government benefits.

  10. Nothing new here. ABSOLUTELY nothing new about America for sale. There is always someone to sell the country out AS long as they get theirs.
    — This Country is Fucked up.
    — before the Vietnam War, 30k in US after the war 3 million.
    — before the War in El Salvador 50k, After the war 1 million.
    — Korean War.
    — Afghanistan War.
    — Iraq War
    It’s the same story. And it’s all to sell bombs. Who’s behind all of this? Corporations. They want to sell, sell, sell. More immigrants, more consumers. That’s all they want, to grow like a cancer.
    Wake the guck up people.
    FTN, that is for the Navy selling citizenship for military bases in the PI. FTN


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